YNM Beta: v1.23

We’ve been coding hard this week. And Celina’s been filing bugs…

Hello YNM beta testers, and welcome to our new blog ! We’ll be using this outlet to inform you of updates, bug fixes and release notes, as well as visually showcasing new features.

Exciting? Yes.

The TLDR version of new release features:

We’ll go through each feature in detail below though, cause this is kind of a big one.

  • Edit your text — ‘Cause AI isn’t smart enough to enslave humanity, or translate your gibberish…yet.
  • Filter by your likes — Call ‘em favorites. Or likes. Potato, tomato.
  • ‘Hide posts’ is functional — For the occasionally offensive people in your life.
  • Filter the timeline by anyone…not just yourself! — After some group therapy, we’ve decided to be more inclusive.
  • Added user info overlay to playback screen — In case you got to that video by “other means.”

Editable text

It’s true that sometimes transcribed text is hilariously misunderstood by the AI. Sometimes it’s not as hilarious. And sometimes the AI is just out in left field, playing with butterflies.

Now you have the ability to correct the text that appears on the timeline. Just tap the ellipses icon on the right, and in the menu that appears, select Edit Text. Easy peasy.

Filter the timeline by…Anyone!

At long last, it’s super easy to see posts by a single person. That was harder than you might think, but now you can spend all weekend creeping on your friends’ YNMs. #ynmandchill

The timeline filter is becoming a real workhorse, from letting you filter by your posts or others’, to quickly searching for a specific person, or seeing all your Likes (aka Favorites).

Filter by Likes

Speak of the devil, you can filter by Likes now, which could also be considered “favorites”. Of course you can still use that heart icon to give people the warm fuzzies, but as a bonus those videos will also show up in your Likes timeline.

Hide Posts

For all your friends who don’t understand the concept of TMI, but whom you still consider enough of a friend to keep following, you can now hide individual posts of theirs. Located in the same ellipses menu as Edit Text, just select Hide and confirm the action, and never again will you see whatever it was you wish you hadn’t.

Unfollow has been also added to the ellipses menu so it’s easy to unfollow someone right from the timeline.

User info on playback

Let’s say you got to a video by clicking on an iOS notification that came in. Maybe you didn’t pay attention to who it was from — you were just so excited that you couldn’t wait to see what the new YNM was. Well now after the playback is finished, we’ve added the same info that’s on the timeline to the playback screen, including user name, photo, location and time. Because we’re all about convenience.

Other stuff…

  • Status bar has been removed from screens with video playback or live video
  • Timeline automatically refreshes if app is backgrounded and brought to front again
  • Added a Confirm prompt when reporting a video

Thanks again, have a great weekend and please try out the new version of the app. We’ve still got some big things in store for next week, too! :)

P.S. Please feel free to invite other Facebook friends that would be great testers to download the app and join our beta group!

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