YNM Beta: v1.24

This one is huuuuggggeeeee!

Are you ready?

Ok…here it comes.

This week…two of our most requested features…coming to an app near you:

  • Response Gallery — It’s a thing. It’s real. Its a work in progress. (You’ll still like it)
  • Shuffle Mode — We randomly decided to add this. (See what I did there?)
  • Some other stuff—Sign out. Shortcuts. And just like Trump, this app has some shortcomings…

Remember, you don’t have to do anything to upgrade to the newest version — just open the app and tap “Show” on the update dialog that appears.

Response Gallery

It’s been a long time coming, but one of our most requested features is now a reality in the latest build. Makes it sound like we’ve been around forever, doesn’t it? ;)

What is that? Ah yes…the response gallery!

What’s that new thing next to the record button? Why its the much sought after Response Gallery icon. Tap it and enter into a world almost forgotten — by which I mean ALL your previous responses. Using it is about as simple as it gets: Tap the icon, scroll to the response you want to use for your Yes/No/Maybe, tap it and “viola!,” it is now the response you will get. FTW.

If you record a new response, it will automatically become the selected response. If you want to get the old one back, just tap the icon and select it again. Pretty basic, as are the best things in life. #amiright?

Response Gallery adds a whole new dimension to the app, freeing you from the fear and anxiety of recording new responses so you don’t lose the good ones. As awesome as this feature is, we’re still working on polishing it (even as you read this).

But wait! There’s more to the response gallery than just selecting previous responses. See that text in the upper right that says Edit?

Oh yes my friends — you can go in and delete all the terrible responses you’ve ever recorded, or all the people you don’t really like but were just being polite to. This is one of those areas that’s a little rough right now, but we’ll be tightening it up soon. It also makes the next feature much more effective.

Shuffle Mode

You may have noticed there’s ANOTHER new icon next to the record button.

Introducing Shuffle Mode.

Tap the icon to enable shuffle mode, and now when you ask a question, the answer will be randomly selected from ALL your previously recorded responses (the ones you didn’t delete anyway…) You never know what you’re gonna get, so its a good idea to go into the response gallery beforehand and prune some of the…uh…“less desirable” responses.

Other stuff

A couple other things we done did:

  • You can now sign out of Facebook from the profile screen. Previously signing out was a real PITA without this button.
  • Your Profile icon is now present in both Timeline AND Record mode in the top right. #shortcuts
  • Question counts should now be accurate. ;)
  • Recent activity should no longer contain things that say “none”.
  • Various other UI cleanup.

Thanks again, have a great week and please try out the Response Gallery + Shuffle Mode!

P.S. Please feel free to invite other Facebook friends that would be great testers to download the app and join our beta group!

‘Judge a person by their questions rather than their answers.’ -Voltaire
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