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YNM beta: v1.30

Have we got the best releases, or what?

Just tremendous releases. I promise you, you’ve never seen a release like this. It’s just…it’s a nasty release. It’s true, there’re a few bad hombres out there sayin’, “Yeah right, this is probably like every other release you put out.” Don’t believe those guys — its just words, it’s all words. This is the single most impressive achievement…I mean, it’s great, nothing is greater than this. We’ve changed how you interact with this app so big-ly, it’s like it’s not even the same app. I mean, of course it is, but honestly, it’s really not.

See if you can wrap your tiny little hands around this. I can, of course. My hands are huge. I guarantee there’s no problem there.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m not talking normal, run-of-the-mill comments like those losers at Instagram and Facebook have. Those guys are losers. What did they ever do?**

No, we have VIDEO comments. Yeah, your head just exploded.

Huh? No, not like Snapchat! Err…Snap, Inc. Yeah, those guys are losers.**

Listen to me.

We have video comments WITH automatic transcription, WITH animated avatars, WITH full screen playback. Yeah.

Everyone tells me my comments are the best. The BEST. It’s constant, seriously. All I do is tap a button, say some adverbs for 5 seconds, and the rest happens for me.

Ok, enough with the hyperbolic imitations. Comments is kind of a gamechanger for YNM. Real back and forth interaction with friends. You’ve been asking for this for a long time, and we finally did it. Wanna get opinions on whether you should by that shirt? Wanna plan a happy hour? Wanna do a politically incorrect impression of a candidate and get opinions on it? YOU CAN! 😃

As always, you can still ask something just for a laugh, or make a decision for you.

A few notes for everyone installing the new version, though.

Want Comments? Install TestFlight.
  • First, if you want it, you’re going to have to make the move to TestFlight. Its really easy. In fact, I’m going to send an email invite to everyone who isn’t already on it.
  • Next, if you comment on a question, you’ll get notifications about any additional comments from that point on, so you can stay in the loop.
Look ma – no animations!
  • Timeline videos now only animate when in focus. Off-screen videos just show a still image, which helps enormously with timeline performance.
Ah, ah, ah — you didn’t say the magic word!
  • New installs now makes sure that you enable camera and mic access. If you don’t, you can’t proceed until you do.
  • Finally, replay any video by tapping anywhere on the image. The large replay icon is gone. FOREVER.
  • Currently invites are disabled until we’re in the app store because we’ve switched over to the native Facebook invite UI, which doesn’t work until your app is actually in the App Store.

So go ahead, try out the new version. Make some comments. Be creative AF! First round’s on me for whoever records the funniest comment to one of our questions (us being Mitch, Tim, Jake, Tom and Marc). This is a “limited time offer,” by which I mean “during happy hour.” 😉 🍻

See any issues? Leave us a comment in the YNM Facebook Beta Group. Or better yet, leave us a video comment in YesNoMaybe. Ha!

**Facebook, Instagram and Snap Inc. are not losers. More than obviously. Backs of giants, etc. We have the utmost respect for those guys. Unlike the person we’re imitating, who has respect for, seemingly, no one. Peace!



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