EpiFinder Founder and CEO Robert Yao. Photo credit: Arizona Commerce Authority.

Congratulations to Clean Router for winning Venture Madness 2017!

Clean Router joins previous winners NuvOx Pharma, Campus Logic, Pinnacle Transplant, and others as champions of the southwest’s premier startup pitch event.

However, focusing only on the winner leaves out some amazing companies that came up just short but may still go on to big things. After all, there were 64 companies competing to advance through the bracket toward $300,000 in investments.

You may have heard of great #yesphx companies Allbound, Brettapproved, eVisit, IrisPR, Picmonic, and ReplyBuy who didn’t win past Venture Madness events.

So, let’s applaud Clean Router for a well-earned win while also diving deeper into the rest of the field.

Here’s my attempt to encapsulate each of yesterday’s Sweet 16 pitches in 140 characters or less. How’d I do?

(Yes, there are only 15 because one company dropped out. Womp. Womp.)

The Final Four: AniCell Biotech, Clean Router, TellSpec, ZCast

AniCell Biotech

Clean Router — THE CHAMPION!!



And the Rest of the Sweet 16, errrrrr, 15…



Crystal Clear Technologies



gLOVE Treat


Omni Bioceutical Innovations

SMART Brain Aging



On a personal note … I hadn’t been to Venture Madness in several years, so it was great to be back in the game this week. Big thanks to Eric and Scott from eSalesDash for letting me crash the party!

Also, kudos to Invest Southwest and the many investors and sponsors that made the event possible. We need this!

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Stories, thoughts, and news from the Greater Phoenix startup and entrepreneurial community.

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