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YETU NFTs is on the Way — Learn More


We announce to the whole community the construction of the YETU Project NFT Marketplace, which is named YETUNFTs, it will be available next October and can be used by all artists and enthusiasts of the crypto universe to sell their work.

Our goal is to bring together the entire community of Angolan creators in the NFTs market, from musicians, influencers, visual artists, and the entire range of…




YetuSwap is a Pan-African decentralized (DEX) automated market making (AMM) exchange made on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Despite being an exchange with Pan-African design, anyone regardless of origin can be part of the protocol.

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Euclides Manuel

Euclides Manuel

Yetubit & Bitcoin Angola Founder - Yetubit Website: — Email contact: — My Twitter: @ngolamussassa —

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