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YetuSwap Partners with BarbecueSwap

YetuSwap x BarbecueSwap

We announce to the entire community our strategic partnership with BarbecueSwap for YETU Pools, staking in Barbecue and Vaults.

The partnership between YetuSwap and BarbecueSwap will bring the following features to us:

🔶 Stake BBQ earn YETU at BarbecueSwap;
🔶 Stake YETU wins BBQ at YetuSwap;
🔶 YETU LPs BuyBack Vaults at BarbecueSwap.




YetuSwap is a Pan-African decentralized (DEX) automated market making (AMM) exchange made on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Despite being an exchange with Pan-African design, anyone regardless of origin can be part of the protocol.

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