Yewande Oyebo
Aug 30, 2018 · 4 min read

What is cloud computing?

Its is basically your computer services delivered to you via the Internet.

This doesn’t make sense to anyone so Ill break it down further.

Imagine this young man called Olu…

He has a desktop computer… A beautiful one which gets hot sometimes.

Here it is.. up there..

You have the monitor to the left and the CPU to the right…

We all know that a Monitor is your computer screen and a CPU is the central Processing Unit which is the Big useless looking box which actually does everything you see on a monitor screen. If you didn't know now you do.

Let me give you a backs story about Olu.. he works from his apartment from 9 am — 4 pm, likes to dance from 5 pm- 8 pm and then goes to sleep from 9 pm to 6 am.

But because Olu has a lot of work to do and a lot of data to process, 1 CPU isn't enough. He buys another one but its still not enough.. He buys 5 more but still not enough.. Then he notices that his house starts to get really really hot and the CPUs are starting to take up space.

Now He needs about 50 CPUs but it doesn’t make sense to buy 50 CPUs because 50 CPUs cost alot of money and then he doesn't have enough space for 50 CPUs in his apartment. Olu is really sad now.. This isn't fake guys..This is a real issue some people have… The cost and space of buying 50 CPUs.

So what some companies like Microsoft and Amazon have done is that they have bought millions of CPUs, put them somewhere in Scandinavia where its colder than Ice and have gotten everything to work really nice and smooth. These are the richest companies in the world so they can afford to do this.

These companies now call these clusters of CPUs fancy confusing names like Azure, AWS and Google cloud.

Back to Olu jare…

These companies now went to meet sad Olu and said, “ You know what, You don’t need to buy 50 CPUs.. Give us some money … what ever you can afford.. And we’ll give you space out of our 1 million cpus to use…”

Olu asks How and they say… “Just buy 1 monitor and 1 cpu, then connect it to the internet, then log on to our website, we’ll give you a user name and password and when you log in…. FIAMMM… You have access to what ever CPU you need.”

We’ll take care of the rest…

“Wow!!!!” Olu says!! He does exactly as they say and its trueee!!! Now he can work from 9am–4pm and dance from 5pm- 8pm then go to sleep from 10pm- 6am in his One bedroom flat.

Problem solved.

With cloud computing, you need a computer service, instead of doing all the complex work yourself, you go to someone that is able to build the infrastructure for the service in bulk on his/her own end then you connect via the internet to the already made service, use what you need and go back to your house. This service can be email, database, networking etc…. Will do a similar post on the type of services to expect from the cloud (Iaas, Paas, Saas)

Hope you enjoyed this!!!


My Take and Experiences in Tech.

Yewande Oyebo

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My Take and Experiences in Tech.

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