Did your social media page take a weekend break?

Facebook continues to be one of the top sources of traffic to ecommerce sites apart from your search and direct traffic. While you need your weekends and holidays, your social media page does not. Marketing automation tools can keep your facebook page active while you take a break. Read on to find out how an ecommerce business maximized their reach with very low effort and marketing spend on Facebook by following these simple guidelines:

Guideline 1: Post evergreen content. It is hard to keep producing fresh content on a continuous basis. It is easier for ecommerce companies because interesting products themselves make content for shopping enthusiasts.

Guideline 2.: Social Proof increases engagement and conversions. Facebook is a social medium, and so people here like to see the products that people in their network , or with similar interests like and choose. Social proof helps decision making and hence leads to ecommerce conversions.

Guideline 3: Use Carousel Posts over single link posts. Up to 10 images with captions can be posted in a single carousel. This makes a carousel post very suited for multi-product displays. Carousel Page posts give you more creative real estate in News Feed to showcase compelling imagery for your brand and products. As per Facebook, the cost per conversion using carousel post ads is 30–50% less than normal link posts.

Guideline 4.: Tthe optimum number of posts on your Facebook page is 2 as per this article.

Guideline 5: Pick the best performing post every week and promote it to get the best out of your ad money.

Here’s an example of a carousel post — with dynamically created content posted automatically. This post meets all the above guidelines: fresh content, regular posting, multiple products in one post, and elements of social proof.

Here is the complete Facebook plan adopted by one of our customers:

The result: With a Facebook page and only 30,000 Facebook fans, they reached 25,000 people last month with an ad spend of just 20 dollars. They selectively boosted the video and the highest performing carousel posts to get the best ad performance. 6–10% of their visits come from social media every month . They did this with less than 2 hours per week spent on all their channels together (facebook, email, text messages , website displays and browser push notifications)

YFret is a multi channel marketing automation platform built for ecommerce marketers. It combines deep product intelligence with user behavior analysis. It offers the simplicity of automation with the control needed by the marketer to run fresh and instant campaigns.

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