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DeCentre runs blockchain cafe in Gangnam district and provides blockchain accelerating services. In addition, they also provide spaces that help people to be shared blockchain news by hosting more than 20 meet-ups, seminars.

Q1. Reason for choosing D-STATION as a partner?

DeCentre considers D-STATION to be the right partner in contributing to the development of a healthy blockchain ecosystem. We believe that D-STATION and DeCentre share many common goals and visions. DeCentre provides a place where anyone can share information, and reach out to blockchain news. We believe that expanding the blockchain ecosystem based on this form of sharing will lead to a healthier network and a broader utilization of the platform. Likewise, D-STATION is partnering up with many like-minded companies to actively make their vision into reality. Accordingly, our company has signed into a partnership.

Q2. Role of DeCentre in D-STATION?

We can do diverse cooperations from many fields. First of all, DeCentre will provide meet-up spaces which will definitely help to accomplish our mission of expanding the blockchain ecosystem. In addition, we will have access to places that will aid with DApp projects, such as an indoor café room with a 55’ inch screen. We are planning to support DApps to come up with appropriate and competitive advertisements with these spaces. Moreover, our company will help each DApps to introduce and sell their goods related to their projects, by providing spaces.

Q3. Why DeCentre?

In order to succeed in the modern day world, active marketing is a must. As such, DApps have to actively promote themselves in the blockchain industry by making strong ties with companies that share a common goal. In this sense, we have come to the conclusion that D-STATION DApps will experience further meaningful growth by using DeCentre’s services. Also, D-Station found DeCentre’s innovative approach of building a token payment system and their execution of adapting blockchain technology to daily life, to be most impressive.

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Trust-based Multi-dimensional 3rd Generation Blockchain Platform