Token Burn Completed

Hello, World,

Greetings from Team YGGDRASH.

The Token Burn scheduled for May 10th, 2019 was successfully completed. And Burned token was sent to the Dead Account.

🔹Purpose: To minimize investors’ losses — at the time of the price of YEED is lower compared to its true value, the Team decided that token burn can minimize losses.

🔹Total Token Burn Quantity: 100,008,649.02 YEED (the portion of 2nd and 3rd airdrop)


🗣Revised Airdrop Announcement

✔️As Is

- 1st Distribution : 50% (Buyback) + 50% (KYC/AML Failed Token)

- 2nd Distribution : 50% (Buyback) + 50% (KYC/AML Failed Token)

- 3rd Distribution: 100% (Buyback)

✔️To Be

- 1st Distribution: COMPLETED

- 2nd & 3rd Distribution: ⭐️Be replaced by YEED Burn⭐️

The Team would like to apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. Again, we sincerely thank all YGGDRASHers for understanding and trusting our decision.

If you have any questions, please email us at We will get back to you in an orderly fashion.

Thank you for your ongoing support and faith in YGGDRASH Project.


Official YEED Smart Contract Address:


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