YGGDRASH MainNet Launch

Dear YGGDRASH supporters,

Hello World!
Greetings from the Team YGGDRASH.

The team has come a long way since YGGDRASH conducted its ICO in March, 2018. Later that year, in September, we released the world’s first INTERCHAIN platform TestNet. We were soon recognized as being in the top 10 of blockchain technology solution providers by the APAC CIO Outlook along with blockchain projects Tron, Aurora Chain, and TomoChain.

It is now November 4th, 2019, and we are proud to finally announce the launch of YGGDRASH MainNet!

Team YGGDRASH is now aiming for the stars by connecting all real-world assets and other blockchains. Under this auspicious arrangement, every service, regardless of its orientation, can be implemented on YGGDRASH while keeping its governance and consensus algorithm. With the launch of the MainNet, we are a step closer to the realization of our prized goal. The popular blockchain incubator D-STATION is also assisting multiple projects in launching DApps on the YGGDRASH network.

Additionally, YGGDRASH remains in the top-25 of most-active blockchain projects for Github uploads. The development of the YGGDRASH ecosystem is well underway and will expand even more rapidly on the new MainNet.

Lastly, the Team will contact soon those who have participated in YGGDRASH MainNet event during next week.

Thank you.


Official YEED Smart Contract Address:


YGGDRASH Official channels


Trust-based Multi-dimensional 3rd Generation Blockchain Platform

YGGDRASH 이그드라시 Official

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YGGDRASH is a trust-based multi-dimensional blockchain built with a vision



Trust-based Multi-dimensional 3rd Generation Blockchain Platform

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