YGGDRASH Release Note — Sprint 0.1.0

Hello, World!

Greetings from the YGGDRASH Team.

We are here to update on the Sprint 0.1.0 to our YGGDRASHers.

Details of the updates can be found on Github :


  • Modified Implementation and Development method of Contract
  • Improvement, Stablization, and Functional Integration of the consensus algorithm
  • Changes in Network Connection method and Node Configuration

Branch & Genesis

  • Modified Branch Chain specification.
  • Implemented to setup and execute multiple contracts for each Branch Chain.
  • Added Genesis Builder.


  • Improved stability of the consensus algorithm for master node (Validator).

— Exception handling.

— Improved stability of the PBFT algorithm & memory usage.

  • Integrated the PBFT consensus algorithm with the general node module.

— Working the consensus process with profile configurations.


  • OSGi framework integration in contract

— Contract call in OSGi Bundle

— Added the contract execution logic

  • Rebuilt Stem contract
  • Changed Contract Test process


  • Implemented block, transaction request and response parallelism.

— Asynchronous broadcast and synchronization requests/responses

  • Implemented SyncManager.

— CatchUp Sync

— Propagable block size limits

  • Changed to organize the node network for each branch.
  • Implemented Health check for closest peers.
  • Refactored the network and peer package.
  • Added node and network test code.

— Created a node test for each role.

— Created a node discovery test.

— Created a Node network configuration and block/transaction propagation test.

— Test after creating and deploying a docker-compose.yml for node network testing local and test server


  • Setup an additional internal infrastructure.

— Intel Xeon CPU, GTX GPU system for testing.

  • Tests for the consensus algorithm

— Tested 21 validator nodes for algorithm stability.

  • Tests for block broadcasting

— Tested 100 nodes for broadcasting

If you have any questions, please email us at info@yggdrash.io. We will get back to you in an orderly fashion.

Thank you for your ongoing support and faith in YGGDRASH Project.

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Trust-based Multi-dimensional 3rd Generation Blockchain Platform

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Trust-based Multi-dimensional 3rd Generation Blockchain Platform