MCS Token Official
Aug 7, 2020 · 3 min read

Hello, World!

From March 2018 to the launch of the MainNet in November 2019, our Team has been running non-stop to create a better world using blockchain. And now, for a new beginning in a new world, we leave the name “YGGDRASH” behind and start with a new name “XMCS”.

We would like to share with you today the values, goals, and future plans XMCS envisions. Thank you.

XMCS Values

XMCS was born to realize the value of infinite connection that YGGDRASH pursed. Starting with the financial industry (cryptocurrency derivatives and DeFi, etc.) that is most closely related to everyday life, we will ultimately become a transparent blockchain platform that has never existed before.

XMCS Keywords

Keywords that can well-represent XMCS are ‘Innovation’, ‘Inclusion’, and ‘Financial Freedom’. From now on, XMCS will imprint itself on the people of the world through these three keywords. In addition, our Team will develop a platform based on these keywords and operate in accordance so that you can truly “experience” them.

XMCS Benefits


For a long time, our Team has been battling over the right name and the right color that can best represent the aforementioned values. We also thought that the value of YGGDRASH should not be forgotten. In addition, the name has to be easy to pronounce and memorize which has been requested by many people.

As a result, XMCS was selected. We made use of MCS (MyCoinStory), the cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform that will be the pillar of the grand ecosystem after the rebranding. Multiplication (X) was placed at the forefront to represent the increase in the holders’ economic power through XMCS both directly and indirectly. The X also represents the rejection of the old fashion ways to be ‘innovative’, and represents the refusal of discrimination to be ‘inclusive’. Moreover, ‘YGGDRASH Green’ (#06b67b) was used to express our will to continue the value of YGGDRASH.


XMCS tokens will be newly issued in August 2020, and token swaps will be completed within 60 days after token issuance. We are in close communication with exchanges where YEED was listed in regards to speed up the schedule.

After the swap is completed, the benefits will be applied to the MCS cryptocurrency derivatives platform as soon as possible to accelerate the token burn.

Now it’s the New Beginning!

Focusing on the lacking parts of the past will only drag you from advancing for a better future. This rebranding is a representation of our strong will to make this project successful for those who have believed in the Team and the Project.

With all the lessons learned through trials and errors, we promise a more advanced operation of the Project.

More information about XMCS can be found on the official XMCS website.

Everyone in the Team deeply thanks you for all your trust and support.