Punishment in the Education System

Every education system is designed to give all people a chance to learn but what happens when said people don’t want to? This is occurring more often not just within Australia, but throughout the whole world. In the past years, I, as a student, have seen the rebellious kids that create havoc and chaos throughout the school just because they just do not care for the education system. I have seen them defy their teachers, skip classes and break rules despite all the warnings not to do so. It seems all the punishment systems like demerits, detentions, suspensions and telling off just aren’t effective enough to the whole spectrum of disobedient kids and while corporal punishmentwas mostly effective, many people do not condone it and was banned thusly. This, however, has given bored and unmotivated kids the huge opportunity to misbehave with them receiving little to no consequence.

In primary school, once a child misbehaves during class, the teacher will tell him/her off. Then it escalates to a seat move, classroom move and maybe a visit to the principal’s office. On paper, this method seems fine but in reality, it gives the child many, many chances to misbehave before any real consequence occurs. This cements the idea into the child’s brain that he/she can muck around quite a few times before the teacher does anything serious to them. He/she will then continually abuse that leniency in the punishment system created within primary school and possibly transition that behaviour into secondary school.

If done so, the consequences escalates but… are still honestly not that bad. In an ordinary secondary school, when a child misbehaves, they might be given demerits, then a detention and, if need be, a suspension. To the ignorant teenager, a demerit is just a slip of paper, a detention is just more time to chat with his misbehaving mates and a suspension is literally a free day off school. None of these ramifications actually represent what happens in reality, also known as the workplace. In a working environment, especially in an office setting, you mess around a couple of times and you are fired without a second thought. All these lenient rules and policies implemented from primary to secondary school do not accurately portray the tough environment of a workplace. In the end, the majority of schools do not prepare the disobedient and unmotivated students behaviourally for the future ahead of them.

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