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6 min readApr 25, 2024

Since the inception of the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) in 2022, YGG players have been uncovering opportunities to be rewarded for their contributions to the ecosystem and build their onchain reputation as they complete quests together. Especially during the Crypto Winter, the GAP was something for players to get excited about. It was a shared experience for the community, strengthening bonds while everyone grinded and leveled up toward a common goal.

As the GAP consistently introduced new games, innovated on quest design, and rewarded diligent players, it became key to sustaining community engagement during an otherwise quiet period for the industry. GAP Season 4 saw incredible growth, with 6,184 YGG account sign-ups (147% increase from GAP Season 3) and 33,681 quest enrollments (243% increase) across games such as Axie Infinity, Pixels, Star Atlas, GensoKishi Online, Champions Ascension, and many others.

Anticipation has been building in the months leading up to the launch of GAP Season 5. Taking lessons learned from the past four seasons, GAP Season 5 is adopting a more streamlined approach while challenging players with more quests than ever before. As a new wave of titles goes live in the near future, GAP Season 5 is set to kick off another exciting summer for web3 gaming.

What’s New in GAP Season 5?

GAP Season 5 players will quest through a two-part season, which introduces YGG points, premium quests and bounties to create a more immersive and tailored program.

“One of the goals the team has for GAP Season 5 is to actively oversee the progression of players and game partners,” said Mark Tan, YGG Head of Community. “YGG points and the new schedule are a few ways we’ll be able to do that this season. We’ve also added quest-specific guides and FAQs that new players can access. There’s a lot of flexibility and potential for the future with these changes as the foundation.”

Here’s a breakdown of everything new in GAP Season 5:

  • YGG Points

When participants complete quests, they will now get YGG points. The awarded points can range from 5 to 50, depending on the difficulty. There are a few exceptions, with some harder quests with more prerequisites rewarding more than 50 points.

As players claim YGG points for each quest, they will also be rewarded with an achievement badge in the form of a soulbound token (SBT). These points can be converted to YGG tokens at the end of the season. In future seasons, YGG points may also be converted to other rewards.

  • Premium Quests

Premium Quests are a new tier of quests that players can join using YGG tokens. Aside from token rewards, participants also have the opportunity to win in-game assets, merchandise and special roles, among other prizes. Premium quests will begin during the second half of GAP Season 5, featuring some of YGG’s premier game partners.

  • Bounties

Community and non-game quests return in the form of bounties. These are quests that encourage more active participation of community members into leadership roles and involve tasks such as content creation, moderation, game testing, and other out-of-game tasks. Bounties will have a separate section from game quests, and they will run for six weeks. This allows enough time for players to plan the bounties they want to complete.

  • V3 Dapp

The latest update to the YGG dapp will be rolling out just in time for GAP Season 5. One of the noticeable upgrades from this new version is the all-new quest page containing the information players will need for a successful GAP season. The V3 dapp is designed with a strong focus on streamlining the onboarding process, with guides for new players on how to connect their wallet, download games, and finish GAP quests.

“Since we’ve joined GAP, Pixels has broken through many milestones and has become one of the most popular games in web3,” said Luke Barwikowski, founder of Pixels. “It’s great working with a team who understands our game deeply and knows how to find valuable contributors to our ecosystem. With our partnership, they’ve helped us understand guilds and helped us design Pixels’ guild system. We look forward to being part of another GAP season.”

Introducing a Modular Format

GAP Season 5 will introduce a more modular format by releasing quests in two sets called “chapters.” Chapter 1 will run for six weeks. Afterward, there will be a season break before Chapter 2, which will run for another six weeks. Each chapter will have its own set of games and quests, which will comprise both in-game quests and non-game bounties. Game quests will run for four weeks, while bounties have a longer time limit of six weeks.

Chapter 1 will run from April 25, 2024, to June 6, 2024. Chapter 2 will begin tentatively on June 19, 2024, and will end on July 31, 2024. YGG points earned during Chapter 1 can be claimed during the season break. The quest page will have a running timer that will notify players when claiming begins and ends. For Chapter 2 quests, claiming will be open after the six-week duration.

The new schedule came after careful deliberation and analysis gained from data from previous seasons. A lot of players desired a system where they could focus on a game or set of quests at a time before moving on to fresh challenges.

Participating games for Chapter 1 include:

The game quests are designed to be accessible to casual and competitive players. For Chapter 2, information on the games will be released as the launch date moves closer.

“GAP has been pivotal in helping bring many new players to our game,” said BLOCKLORDS CEO David Johannson. “YGG’s expertise in designing quest systems has saved us a lot of development time, and having the support of their community of guilds has been helping us connect with gamers we would otherwise not be able to reach. Many of them are now dedicated and passionate members of the BLOCKLORDS community, providing assistance and feedback regularly.”

How to Participate in GAP Season 5

To participate in GAP Season 5, players will need to go to the YGG dapp. There will be a form where players can enter their email and Discord information. They will also connect their wallet via Polygon, which will be where the SBTs are minted and where YGG token rewards will be distributed.

Here’s how you can start questing for GAP Season 5:

  • Visit the YGG dapp achievements page, where the quests, descriptions and YGG points are posted.
  • Details about each quest including how to join, completion criteria and FAQs will be found on each quest page. If there are any questions about schedules, details and events, quest creators are available to answer questions on the YGG Discord.
  • Dedicated Discord channels like #gap-announcements can be referenced if you want to look for answers quickly. You can also ask the community moderators through the #gap-questions channel or by raising a ticket in the #gap-ticket channel.

By the end of the season, a leaderboard will be posted to showcase the top participants who have been diligently completing their quests. Guilds will also have a leaderboard.

Are you ready to collect those GAP Season 5 badges? Start questing now.

Join the YGG Discord to learn more about GAP and get the latest updates as soon as they’re available.

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