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How To Claim Your YGG Community Airdrop

The much-anticipated YGG Community Airdrop marks one of the most exciting events for the Yield Guild community thus far. This week we celebrate our milestones and reward faithful members who have contributed to the community during this important time of development, helping to build the foundations for the YGG DAO’s future success.

Eligibility for the airdrop was based on a number of factors pertaining to contributions made by guild members and guided by a snapshot of Ethereum addresses taken on 8 September 2021.

As a twist on the usual style of airdrop, YGG is gamifying the process and giving eligible community members a range of options so they can choose what they want to do with the YGG Tokens and NFTs that they receive.

The airdrop will simultaneously deliver: YGG Tokens, and also, two different NFTs. In order to claim their airdrop, eligible community members must go to the YGG website and mint their NFTs, which will appear in the form of a YGG Sword and YGG Shield. Each NFT contains an equal amount of YGG tokens, which will become accessible by the owner as their vesting period expires.

The Sword and Shield NFTs have been designed to have long-term utility in the YGG DAO, meaning they will have more functionality than a simple token dispensing mechanism. Please note that minting the Ethereum-based NFTs from the YGG website will require some gas fees.

The YGG tokens delivered via the airdrop will vest over a three month period. Vesting starts immediately at the time of the airdrop (not at the time the NFT is claimed). The decision to vest the tokens was made thoughtfully by the YGG team to smooth the distribution of tokens over a longer period of time.

Please note that there is no requirement for airdrop recipients to be holders of the YGG Guild Badge. More details on the eligibility requirements and snapshot qualifications can be found here.

How to claim the YGG Airdrop

Watch the video tutorial above or read the step-by-step guide below.

1. Go to https://yieldguild.io/claim and connect your Ethereum wallet to the YGG website.

2. If your Ethereum address has been approved for the airdrop, you will see a “Congratulations, Airdrop found!” message and the Claim Airdrop button should be highlighted. If there is a message saying “No airdrop found,” it means that you were not eligible for the airdrop.

If you are eligible for the airdrop, you will see a message saying “Congratulations, Airdrop found!” and the “Claim Airdrop” button should be highlighted.

3. If you have received the airdrop, you will see two tiles displayed representing the YGG Sword and Shield NFTs. Clicking on the Claim Airdrop button will prompt your wallet to conduct a transaction that will mint the two NFTs. When you see the prompt pop up in your MetaMask wallet, click Confirm to authorise the transaction (please note this will require you to pay Ethereum gas fees).

Click “Claim Airdrop” and then click “Confirm” in your wallet, to mint the two NFTs.

4. The NFTs will then be minted and delivered to your wallet. After the transaction has been confirmed by the network, you will see a new message appear at the top of the screen which reads “Airdrop Successfully Claimed.”

Once you have minted your NFTs, you will see a message saying “Airdrop Successfully Claimed.”

5. That’s it. The NFTs can now be found in the contents of your Ethereum wallet, they will be easily viewable in your YGG inventory or on OpenSea, and they can be freely traded if their owner chooses to do so. However, the seller must note that any remaining unclaimed YGG Tokens, or those still locked in the NFT, will go with the NFT.

How to claim your vested YGG Tokens

To claim the tokens vested in the Sword and Shield NFTs, or check on their vesting status, click on the NFT in your YGG Inventory to reveal its statistics.

Go to your YGG Inventory to see your NFTs.

In the screenshot below, you can see how many tokens have been allocated to the NFT, and also, how many of those tokens are locked, claimed and/or claimable. Clicking on the Claim Tokens button will prompt a new transaction for the Ethereum network which will deliver the claimable token amount to your wallet (again, there will be gas fees associated with this transaction).

In YGG Inventory, you can see the number of tokens allocated to the Sword NFT. You can also see how many tokens are locked, claimed, and claimable.
As above, but for the Shield NFT.

Airdrop Distribution

YGG distributed a total 1.25M YGG tokens at a valuation of US$6.00 per token, equating to US$7.5M of value distributed to our community at the time of the drop. The total amount is vested via smart contract over a three month period beginning Friday, 22 October 2021.

  • 4,600 Scholars received a total of 939,598 tokens
  • The YGG Founders Coin holders received a total of 250,000 tokens
  • 124 Tier S contributors received 37,879 Tokens
  • The YGGLOK holders received a total of 7530 tokens
  • 10 Community Leaders received 6,868 Tokens
  • 15 Scholarship Managers received 5,000 tokens
  • 10 members who are part of our play-to-earn council received 3,125 Tokens

Around 5,050 Ethereum addresses should receive an airdrop with a valuation average of US$2,000 per ETH address at the time of the drop.

YGG’s core team, extended team, partners, advisors and investors were not included in this drop unless they owned a Founders Coin or YGGLOK (the token associated with YGG’s League Of Kingdoms SubDAO).

What if I didn’t qualify for the airdrop?

YGG understands that some people from within the community may be disappointed that they did not qualify for the airdrop. The airdrop was specifically designed to reward early community contributors and significant value creators for the guild and the process of determining airdrop eligibility underwent much consideration, guided by input from community leaders.

YGG is currently working toward creating more opportunities and features for members to earn tokens and contribute value to the community. An example of this can be seen in the Tip Bot that has been set up in the YGG Discord.

The Tip Bot allows community members to tip YGG tokens or other types of crypto on the YGG Discord with no gas fees. Fees only apply when you deposit and withdraw. With this, community members can now send a tip to people who give value, help other people in the YGG community, and participate in AMAs, as well as other activities in the Discord channel.

Our next airdrop-related article on YGG Medium will explain the significance of the YGG Sword and Shield NFTs.

To learn more about Yield Guild Games, please read our whitepaper here. You can also join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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