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How To Connect Your Ethereum Wallet to the YGG Discord

This is a step-by-step guide on how to connect your Ethereum wallet to Yield Guild Game’s Discord.

As per its technical roadmap, which you can reference in the YGG whitepaper, YGG is working on developing mechanics to progress toward full decentralization of its guild.

With its growing community and an expanding roster of NFT gaming partners, YGG is rapidly building out its ecosystem. As such, there is an increasing need for committed community participants to evolve their current status and take their place as guild members with greater rights and responsibilities within the YGG DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

To facilitate this, YGG has already released membership NFTs, such as the YGG Founder’s Coin and Guild Badge, as well as the YGG token, which acts as the guild’s primary governance token.

Soon, verified holders of these tokens will be able to claim elevated standing and additional status within the YGG Discord. Their tokens will also be used to unlock specific utility within the DAO, including entry to member-only channels in the YGG Discord that offer a range of perks and privileges as well as access to exclusive content and activities.

In order to initiate this process, you must first join YGG’s Discord.

Step one: The first thing you have to do is open up a private message with the nft42 bot which you can see on the side of our server member list under the roles BOT to be safe please double check the discord name and tag which should be nft42#9163 . you then will type !verify which will give you a link that you can click.

Step 1: After joining the Discord, the first thing you should do is go to “YGG’s Great Hall” category in the sidebar and look for the “bot-commands” channel and search for the nft42 bot. Open up a private message with the nft42 bot. Make sure that your DMs in Discord are open so the bot can message you.

Note: To be safe, please double-check the Discord name and tag, which should be “nft42 #9163”.

YGG Discord channels

Step 2: Once a private message is open with nft42 bot (again make sure its username is “nft42 #9163”), the nest step is to type !verify which will give you a link saying “Follow this link to verify your address” which you can then click.

Link sent by nft42

Step 3: After clicking the link, a pop-up will ask you whether you want VerifyApp to access your account. Click the “Authorize” button at the bottom to proceed further.

Authorization pop-up

Step 4: Following these steps should lead you to a page that has a prompt asking you to “Connect Wallet”. After clicking the prompt, your Ethereum crypto wallet should open in your browser and ask you to log in if you haven’t. (Note: It will never ask for your seed phase)

NFT42 Verification Page

Step 5: Once you have logged into your account, you can click the “Sign Message” button, which will send a signature request for you to sign on your Ethereum crypto wallet.

Sign message prompt

Step 6: This step will confirm that the wallet belongs to you and can be completed by simply clicking the “Sign” button on your wallet.

Signature Request

Step 7: After signing, the page should update and confirm which wallet ID is connected. If it says “Error: Authentication failed,” please restart verification on the oauth2 Discord page (the link that you clicked to get this external website), and if still no wallet ID is shown for “connected with,” please go through the process from the start to end again.

Wallet connected successfully

Once you complete this process successfully, you should see that your wallet ID is connected, and you will be able to claim exclusive roles within the guild (details for this will be revealed soon).

For more information on the NFT42 bot, please refer to: https://www.nft42.com/.

To learn more about Yield Guild, read the YGG whitepaper here. Follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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