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Introducing Guild Advancement Program Season 2

Yield Guild Games (YGG) celebrated a successful first season of its Guild Advancement Program (GAP) last July, and it is now ready to launch Season 2. This next iteration of the achievement-driven community token distribution protocol will be another opportunity for the guild to reward its members for their contributions with YGG tokens and Soulbound NFTs. GAP Season 2 will officially commence on September 7, 2022, where players will be able to view available achievements to participate in from the YGG dapp.

After receiving constructive feedback from the community through survey results and post-season discussions with the product team, YGG is better equipped to launch Season 2 by bringing upgraded achievement designs, a variety of games, more rewards and new activities to recognize the guild’s most engaged contributors.

“For a guild like YGG, community feedback is crucial to the development of our products, and getting the key insight directly from the community was a necessary step for us to continuously improve,” said Mark Tan, Community Product Lead at YGG. “I look forward to seeing our community members participate in the quests the team has worked on, and acquire more achievements that can build up their own Metaverse resume.”

What’s New in GAP Season 2

With more YGG-partnered games launching, GAP Season 2 will include a wide range of achievements, increasing the total number of available achievements from 45 to 116. YGG has also included quests in a larger lineup of game partners. This season, the community can accomplish achievements in the following games:

YGG will be introducing a new set of quests beyond game-specific quests to allow greater participation of community members. These achievements are designed around:

Additionally, members building community tools will receive achievements to reward contributors who are helping to develop the YGG ecosystem. Sedano, Community Marketing Manager at YGG, included quests that leverage the community’s skills in a wide range of tasks. “The YGG community is booming with talent, and we thought it’s only fair to incorporate achievements that allow them to display their skills, be it on the technical side or creative side such as content creation,“ he said.

Kazuo, Portfolio Operations Manager at YGG, thinks of the Founders’ Coin as a legendary rare item in a game that lets holders access an exclusive achievement. “If we are all playing a video game being involved in crypto, especially NFTs and Metaverse, then the Founders’ Coin is the ultra-rare legendary item within that game, so I thought it would be befitting to have it unlock an epic achievement with an equally epic reward,” he said. “There are a lot of highly passionate, talented Founders’ Coin holders, so I want to provide this group the opportunity to express their commitment to YGG and be rewarded appropriately.”

Each game quest for this season’s 13 participating games was designed by the YGG Game Ambassadors in collaboration with the Game Operations team. The GAP will be a valuable opportunity for the game leads to create unique and rewarding experiences for the YGG player community.

“The Castle Crush community is very excited to take part in GAP Season 2,” said CryptoDad, Lead Game Ambassador for Castle Crush. “Not only does YGG provide a great community for players of various games, but with the generous GAP program, we are looking forward to having another opportunity for our passionate players to compete for greater rewards. This innovative program is helping drive a lot of enthusiasm and interest in YGG in general and the Castle Crush game.”

According to Dan Sayo, Lead Game Ambassador for Big Time, “Our Season 2 GAP quests for Big Time focus on the support and development of our early community. Given the games’ early development, we’re looking to have a jump on establishing a core group of leaders that can set the benchmark for our players as they join. We decided to focus on several key areas that we feel are crucial to the future success of our campaign. Our GAP Season 2 achievements were created with the development of competitive play, teamwork and leadership training in mind.”

Participants for GAP Season 2 will be assessed based on their performance for the entire season. Each achievement will have its own guidelines and criteria, which are enforced by the respective quest creators. Some achievements like those relating to competitive play and content creation will be evaluated based on factors such as performance, completeness and quality.

For this season of the GAP, 1.5 million YGG tokens have been allocated with 116 unique Soulbound NFTs. These NFTs will represent a fundamental part of a member’s on-chain identity and reputation in the guild and will be used to calculate the token rewards at the end of the season.

How to Participate in GAP Season 2

https://yieldguild.io/achievements dashboard

Similar to the first season of the GAP, YGG members will need a YGG Guild Badge to access the quests for Season 2. To help members avoid the unreasonably high fees members need to pay to acquire a Guild Badge on the Ethereum network, YGG will be making it available for minting on the Polygon network by the end of September.

Here’s how you can participate in GAP Season 2:

  1. Go to https://yieldguild.io/achievements to see all available achievements, description, criteria and reward pool.
  2. Go to the YGG Discord, and its game-specific channels to get more information on events, tournament schedules and how to participate. All GAP participants are encouraged to coordinate with their respective quest creators to get all the relevant information they need to complete their desired achievements.
  3. If you need more details, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Discord Moderators in the #gap-announcements and #general-chat channels.

It is important to note that some quests will utilize Communi3, a platform that develops tools to manage online communities, where participants will have to enter their wallet address, email, and social media links to view the achievements. “Communi3 is proud to support the premier gaming guild YGG and the launch of their newest season of GAP. YGG has built an amazing community of players, and we are honored to be helping them build the future of gaming communities in Web3”, says Brandon Byrne, CEO of Opera Event & Communi3.

At the end of Season 2, a leaderboard will be created displaying some of YGG’s most engaged community members in the GAP.

To access the achievements on the YGG dapp, click here.

To learn more about Yield Guild, read the YGG whitepaper here. Join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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