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Introducing the YGG Founders’ Coin NFT Giveaway!

The YGG Founders’ Coin NFT

To commemorate reaching 1000 members on the Yield Guild Games Discord server, we are doing a free NFT giveaway!

The YGG Founders’ Coin is a limited edition NFT meant to reward the earliest backers of our guild. Having the YGG Founders’ Coin in your wallet will make you eligible for certain bonuses in future promos and campaigns that we will be holding for guild members, such as NFT purchase discounts, token airdrops, and bonus multipliers. This is your way to flex that you were one of the earliest supporters of the guild, and you will be well rewarded for it!

Sign-up for the YGG Founders’ Coin starts on January 11, 1pm GMT (5am Pacific/8am Eastern/9pm Manila time), and will run for exactly 72 hours. Here’s how you can sign up for it:

  • Head over to the YGG Discord server.
  • Type “!verify” in the #bot-commands channel and follow instructions from the nft42 bot in DM (NOT the Brightid bot).
Follow the link to sign a transaction (no gas needed) with your Metamask Ethereum wallet.
  • Follow the instructions upon clicking the link from the nft42 bot. You must be using the same browser that has your Metamask Ethereum wallet.
  • That’s it! Once you have signed a message with your Metamask wallet, you are signed up for the airdrop.

Note: This airdrop claim is limited to 1 Founders’ Coin per person. Anyone caught violating the 1 NFT per person rule will be excluded from the airdrop.

The deadline for sign up is on January 14, 1pm GMT, exactly 72 hours after the start of the sign-up period. It doesn’t matter when you sign up for the airdrop, as long as you are registered within the 72 hour period. After the deadline, a snapshot of registered addresses will be taken and the NFT will be minted and airdropped to these addresses shortly after, when gas conditions are favorable.

We believe that NFTs should enable unique experiences, and the Founders’ Coin is only the first of many NFTs that players will be able to earn with their actions at Yield Guild Games.

See you in the Metaverse!

The YGG Team



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