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Introducing YGG’s Guild Advancement Program

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is kicking in gear to gamify the distribution of its community-allocated YGG tokens by launching the Guild Advancement Program, an achievement-driven community token distribution protocol. Through this protocol, YGG will be able to reward guild members who are making meaningful contributions to the YGG community, its projects, and its operations.

Last October 2021, YGG held its first Community Airdrop, which rewarded the guild’s earliest members and active supporters who contributed to its inception. Evolving from the idea of the YGG Community Airdrop, the Guild Advancement Program creates a personalized record of YGG guild members’ history and achievements in the Metaverse, or a “résumé” that will allow YGG to incentivize guild members for their collaborative efforts.

This article will break down YGG’s first major initiative in bringing opportunities to its community members to directly contribute to the DAO.

YGG Guild Advancement Program

As highlighted in the whitepaper, YGG will reserve a majority of the treasury’s YGG tokens for community distribution. The community token distribution protocol itself is purposed to be a decentralized process of allocating these tokens in the form of rewards to meet the needs and expectations of YGG DAO members.

The goal is to delegate tasks or achievements to the community and leverage governance votes in order to approve it. Similar to the concept of “achievements” found in PlayStation or Xbox consoles, YGG’s version of achievements is envisioned to be a set of long-term missions within the guild, spanning weeks or even months. Through this system, members will be able to access ways to provide value to the DAO and in return be given rewards that will encourage quality contributions.

In order to begin creating achievements for the community to participate in, the YGG core team will generate grant proposals to allocate blocks of tokens to particular teams. These grants are then broken down into discrete achievements, each with specific criteria that must be met in order to obtain token rewards. The “achievement creators” administering the grant are responsible for designing the achievements.

Designed to run for 12 weeks, Season 1 of the Guild Advancement Program commences on the third week of April and ends on the second week of July. Community members will be able to participate in achievements displayed through the achievements page of the YGG dapp and complete various activities in and out of YGG to claim rewards. YGG aims to have multiple seasons of the Guild Advancement Program per year. Each season will have a variety of achievements where the exact achievement criteria and rewards may vary.

Achievement Mechanics

The YGG dapp will display a listing board of all the achievements with the relevant information needed to complete them. Members can then participate in the achievements, which may come in the form of DAO activities, subDAO-specific opportunities, content creation, and in-game accomplishments. There will also be achievements that can only be completed by members who have access to gated functions, like Community Moderators or Game Ambassadors.

Some achievement examples include:

  • Being part of the highest-ranking YGG-affiliated Axie Infinity Player during Season 21
  • Members who recruit at least 10 non-free-to-play players to YGGSPL’s guilds
  • Host quality streaming content eight or more times during the season

In some cases, it may be a bonus for top performers in an activity that people are already doing or a retention bonus for carrying out a tedious task over the course of an entire season. YGG always intends to reward activities that are consistent with the needs and long-term vision of the DAO and its members.

Every achievement will be assessed by the respective achievement creator, where some achievements have well-defined metrics and criteria, and others are purely subjective. The team has chosen a blend of both in order to have a large and diverse pool of achievements available. As this is the first season of the Guild Advancement Program, YGG may be forced to cancel some achievements midway if there are issues with a particular achievement giver or the criteria. Guild Advancement Program participants may also choose to partake in as many tasks as they would like with no penalty for failure of completion.

Achievement creators have been strongly encouraged to get as much value for their rewards as possible, so many require an activity for the full duration of the season. In all cases, the achievements must be completed by the end of the season, but the exact deadline will depend on the achievement itself. As the season approaches the last couple of weeks, achievement creators will wrap up their achievements and award completion on time before the season closes.


For Season 1, the rewards will be in the form of YGG tokens and non-transferable YGG NFTs, but in some cases, there may be a secondary reward token (such as a YGG subDAO token).

The reward distribution will be driven by which NFTs are earned during the season, and will be involved in the reward calculation. As these NFTs are rewarded to members for their individual efforts, and as a medium to represent their reputation within the guild, they are designed to be non-transferable. Moreover, these NFTs are devised to have long-term value in the reputation system and will be made publicly visible on the blockchain for integration into other external systems.

Moreover, each season will have different NFTs, although these initial NFTs are planned to be minted on a single ERC-1155 contract for simplicity.

Requirements to Participate

A YGG guild badge will be required to receive achievement rewards at the end of the season. There may be some other minor requirements to claim rewards, such as filling out a player survey or doing CAPTCHAs. To operate the program responsibly and to keep rewards meaningful, YGG will be making efforts to deter bots, automated farming, and multi-accounting.

Value for Community

Time spent and trust earned are both valuable intangible assets that people accrue in a community or network, and a reputation system in the form of a résumé can quantify those values in a meaningful way.

YGG believes that recording guild member history is a valuable service that the guild can provide alongside the other more tangible rewards that the achievements give. In the long term, a good résumé may be required for many of the most rewarding activities in the YGG ecosystem, including YGG’s partners.

According to KnightAV, YGG’s Head of Software Development, “The Guild Advancement Program is an important tool in building a long-term, high-quality player base within our ecosystem. It’s the combination of allowing guild members to be involved in the improvement of YGG in different areas, while simultaneously giving them direct ownership.”

In future seasons, YGG members can look forward to more lucrative achievements that may have level requirements or NFT requirements. With the Guild Advancement Program, YGG hopes to expand and involve more people in YGG while ensuring that it retains members who have contributed significantly to the DAO. The Guild Advancement Program is simply the first iteration of the community token distribution process, which will grow in size, as YGG feels confident that it is delivering tokens to the right places.

To access the achievements on the YGG Dapp, click here. To learn more about Yield Guild, read the YGG whitepaper here. Join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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