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Introducing YGG’s New Game Partner: Metalcore, an Open-World Multiplayer Combat Action Game

Yield Guild Games (YGG) has partnered with MetalCore, a mechanized combat NFT-based game set on a chaotic alien planet where players fight for their faction and engage in PVP mega-battles, cooperative PVE fights, and faction-based, open-world clashes using war machines, vehicles and weapons.

The game is designed by gaming industry veterans Studio 369, blockchain developer Umbrella Network, with a development team hailing from Activision, Disney, Lucas Films, Midway, and projects such as the MechWarrior 2 franchise, Mortal Kombat and Gears of War. The team also includes Hugo Award-winning concept artist Stephan Martiniere, who has worked on Magic the Gathering, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, God of War and Sky.

The guild acquired US$250,000 worth of MetalCore governance tokens; NFTs such as pilots, tanks, aircrafts and mechs worth US$250,000; and exclusive YGG-branded skins for baronies. The partnership also allows YGG to access exclusive land sales, genesis mints and private alpha testings for the YGG community to use.

“MetalCore is designed and built for faction- or guild-based multiplayer combat,” said Sam Kim, Senior Advisor at MetalCore. “Players join a barony or guild to play together, win together and earn together. So we’re excited to join YGG in the next evolution of blockchain gaming and guilds.”

The massively multiplayer online game (MMO) combines the engagement of high-quality traditional gaming and blockchain technology, which lets players buy, sell, rent and trade their assets beyond the game ecosystem.

MetalCore features different game modes such as Player vs. Player (PVP), Player vs. Environment (PVE), Battle Royale, Turn-Based Strategy and Real-Time Strategy.

There is also a free-to-play mode where players need to level up their accounts to earn tokens. Those who bought NFT machines will be able to earn directly from playing.

Players can be a Metal Baron from three opposing factions and battle each other in an open-world environment. The primary breeding mechanism for the game constitutes collecting, merging and creating blueprints of war machines and vehicles.

Land, garages, gears and pilots are all NFTs, so players can sell their vehicles, rent their war machines to others, or collect fees on land owned by the faction. Weapons, pilots, cosmetic meshes and skins are available to trade in the open marketplace.

Players can earn the in-game token, $FAB, by playing various game modes to customize vehicles, including aircrafts, gunships, fighter jets and bombers.

MetalCore is set to launch in the third quarter of 2022. Early access 50v50 PvP and open-world gameplay is scheduled for Q4 of 2022.

For more information on MetalCore, check out their website, Discord and Twitter. Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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