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YGG Founders’ Coin Exclusive: Laura Shin’s “The Cryptopians” Book Giveaway

In February 2022, holders of the YGG Founders’ Coin NFT were given exclusive access to claim a YGG Swag Box containing a YGG bomber jacket, YGG caps, a YGG mug, and more. Now, the guild is giving away copies of the book “The Cryptopians: Idealism, Greed, Lies, and the Making of the First Big Cryptocurrency Craze” written by the pioneering crypto-journalist Laura Shin to YGG Founders’ Coin holders.

The YGG Founders’ Coin is a transferrable limited-edition NFT that gives holders access to special benefits from YGG. The NFTs were originally airdropped to 300 of the guild’s earliest supporters on January 16, 2021, and six were kept in the YGG treasury. The YGG Founders’ Coin can be found on OpenSea here.

“The Cryptopians” revolves around the history of Ethereum and the protocol’s beginnings and evolution until today. The book includes stories of projects that were built on top of Ethereum, as well as a tell-all account of the 2016 hacking incident where 3.6 million Ether was stolen from the DAO. It also features the story of how idealists, enthusiasts and opportunists are fighting to bring crypto to the masses.

Laura Shin is a former editor at Forbes and one of the earliest journalists to cover cryptocurrencies full-time. She states that the book is the culmination of more than three years of reporting and writing and is based on more than 200 interviews conducted in the background.

Currently, Laura hosts the crypto podcast Unchained. YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon was featured in the podcast last year where he and Laura discussed Gabby’s 19 years of experience in gaming, why he started YGG, and how it is improving people’s lives all over the world.

How to Redeem Your Copy of “The Cryptopians”

The giveaway will have a two-week claiming period starting from May 2, 2022. To claim, head to the YGG dapp (https://yieldguild.io/) and connect your crypto wallet that holds the YGG Founders’ Coin. A snapshot with the wallet addresses will be taken, so make sure that you redeem your copy on the website.

The website will feature a form that only Founders’ Coin holders can access to enter their shipping details. Note that the shipping addresses will be permanently destroyed and taken offline after the final snapshot.

To complete the experience, YGG will also be hosting an exclusive reading with the author herself, Laura Shin, on the YGG Discord server. More details will be announced for this event soon.

For more information on Yield Guild Games, read the YGG whitepaper here. Join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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