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YGG GAP Season 1 NFTs: Behind the Design

The first season of YGG’s community token distribution protocol, the Guild Advancement Program (GAP), concluded in July, successfully demonstrating a gamified process of rewarding YGG tokens and over 1,030 Soulbound NFTs to community members for their active participation in the guild as they collectively accomplished 45 different achievements.

In this article, YGG’s Head of Product, KnightAV, along with YGG Pilipinas Country Manager and Cryptopop Art Guild (CPAG) founder, Luis Buenaventura, and CPAG member, Def, walk us through the thought process behind the NFT rewards, from designing the NFTs as a symbol of guild members’ valuable contributions to how the NFT rewards can make up a Metaverse résumé.

GAP Achievements

On traditional gaming platforms, “achievements” are a record of a player’s accomplishment in a game, with a visual component that shows up on their gaming profile or activity feeds. In Web3, NFTs can act as a record of achievements in a particular community, competition or event. Logged into a person’s wallet address, this creates the concept of a Metaverse résumé.

As KnightAV, YGG’s Head of Product, explains it, “The Metaverse résumé is a collection of qualifications, achievements and other signals that will enable YGG and its partners to efficiently deliver incentives and opportunities in a highly targeted way.”

The GAP Season 1 rewards were made available on the Polygon network to enable broader participation while allowing members to claim them without paying unnecessarily high gas fees. The NFTs were designed to be Soulbound Tokens, which are non-transferable tokens representing commitments, credentials and affiliations that form the social relations in Web3. These NFTs symbolize the achievements accomplished by participants. By leveraging the interoperability of NFTs, participants will be able to showcase their YGG achievements on NFT platforms such as OpenSea, Gallery, and games with the ability to import NFT images from a crypto wallet.

Behind the Art

The GAP Season 1 NFTs were designed by artists from Cryptopop Art Guild, a decentralized organization championing underprivileged Filipino artists and helping them create sustainable revenue streams. CPAG has been a sub-guild of YGG since February this year, so the artists were already familiar with the guild and its brand as well as its mission and core values. CPAG was founded by YGG Philippines Country Manager, Luis Buenaventura. Luis is one of the world’s first NFT artists, as a contributor to the CurioCards collection in 2017, and was also the first Filipino NFT artist to have art auctioned at Christie’s.

The unique NFTs from GAP Season 1 were crafted by 45 CPAG artists led by CPAG members and traditional graphic and layout artist Def, whose Axie Infinity and NFT journey started with CPAG.

Inspiration and Design

18 out of the 45 NFTs for GAP Season 1, where each NFT symbolizes the achievements rewarded to participants

Luis shared that to start preparing for the GAP, the CPAG collectively developed a mood board, or a collage of images and text, and selected several design pegs that captured the “modern cartoon fantasy” aesthetic of YGG. This aesthetic was initially inspired by the fantasy action-adventure game Legend of Zelda, likewise showcased by the YGG Sword and Shield NFTs.

The entire process was divided into four design phases, and the artists were guided by Def from their first ideations all the way to the finished design.

Out of CPAG’s 200 artists, 45 worked on one GAP NFT each. Each achievement was given a high level of attention and detail, as the artists were able to spend the entire duration of the season working on their designs.

According to Def, working with a large group of artists meant seeing a wide range of styles. To ensure consistency across the art collection, the team agreed on a theme as well as some examples of what the final design should look like.

The theme for the GAP NFTs is modern-medieval and heavy metal. This is reflected in the works of the artists, with most of the NFTs featuring swords and other metallic elements. The YGG shield was also incorporated as one of the main components inspired from the YGG logo. Though some of the NFTs in the collection were tricky to design as they were tied to a game such as Splinterlands or League of Kingdoms, the artists incorporated in-game elements to the design while staying true to the main theme.

Oneiro, the artist behind the OG Game Tester achievement NFT that was awarded to participating Game Testers who demonstrated exemplary performance throughout Season 1, shared that he is passionate about creating art and is eager to participate in more YGG projects. Being a Filipino artist and having the opportunity to design these NFTs for YGG with the iconic red, blue and gold made him feel proud as the colors are reminiscent of the Philippine flag.

Nollan, the designer of the OG YGGTSB Asset Creator achievement, which was given to participants who contributed as a YGG Asset Creator in The Sandbox throughout Season 1, chose this particular NFT to design because of his familiarity with The Sandbox, one of YGG’s long-time game partners. His main goal while designing the NFT was to create an artwork that aligned with YGG’s vision. According to Nollan, the hammer in his artwork symbolizes creation and being an asset creator. He also incorporated four-pointed stars to represent the buttons that are used to create assets in The Sandbox.

Eclecticism was the artist behind the YGG League of Kingdoms (LOK) — Grand Cross 1 achievement, awarded to the most honorable leaders of the YGG LOK subDAO throughout Season 1. Of all the achievement NFTs that needed to be created for GAP Season 1, Eclecticism said he wanted to design the NFT for YGG LOK — Grand Cross 1 as a personal challenge to make it stand out from the other two Grand Cross achievements. Eclecticism shared that designing and conceptualizing his piece entailed a lot of research. He familiarized himself with the design standards of YGG and read about League of Kingdoms and the role of the Grand Cross 1 before finally incorporating all the ideas in his design.

The collaboration between YGG and CPAG has proven that there are a range of opportunities for artists in the Web3 space. Given his involvement in both guilds, Luis said that “the YGG GAP was an exciting glimpse into the future of CPAG, where we can use our size to take advantage of large-scale creative opportunities from guilds, platforms and even other games. The project demonstrates that the guild model has the potential to connect creative professionals with work in the Metaverse, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Having a single collective of artists produce the GAP NFTs provided consistency across the entire collection. However, the GAP will eventually outgrow its first iterations and provide a path for other communities and artists to participate and contribute to the guild’s projects.

Moving Forward

KnightAV shared that with the amount of positive feedback about the collaboration, YGG is confident that there will be plenty of future opportunities for CPAG to support the vision for the GAP and other programs. “CPAG captured the vision of GAP Season 1 and formulated a theme for the NFTs to go along with it,” he added. “YGG would be glad to have them design future NFTs.”

The YGG dapp is a Web3 portal that can be accessed through several wallets including MetaMask, and through which YGG guild members can view their badges, achievements and token holdings as well as the YGG Reward Vaults. It currently provides a dashboard for badge holders to view their NFTs, which are on the Ethereum network.

KnightAV recognizes that the YGG dapp does not currently take into account player activity across different networks, which tend to require different wallets. For instance, League of Kingdoms is built on ImmutableX, Walken on Solana, and Axie Infinity on Ronin. YGG is working to address this in order to provide a more comprehensive view and history of a player’s achievements.

With the GAP, YGG hopes to involve more people in the guild’s various activities, while retaining members who have contributed significantly to the DAO and increasing the scale of the community token distribution process.

All the 45 achievement NFTs can be found on OpenSea. Note that as these NFTs are non-transferable, they cannot be sold or purchased.

YGG will also launch Season 2 of the GAP soon, bringing more achievements, achievement creators, and reward NFTs for the community. In preparation for GAP Season 2, achievement creators have an option to provide their own art, and any artist or collective interested in producing art for one or more GAP achievements can reach out to YGG to participate.

To learn more about Yield Guild, read the YGG whitepaper here. Join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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