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YGG Guild Advancement Program (GAP) Season 2 Wrap-Up

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is wrapping up the second season of its Guild Advancement Program (GAP), an achievement-driven community token distribution protocol that rewards YGG members for providing value to the guild through quality contributions.

Season 2 of the GAP consisted of 117 quest-style “achievements,” developed so that individual community members can take on actionable tasks that deliver value to the guild and support YGG in moving toward its organizational goals. The GAP was designed so that guild members would have opportunities to build their Metaverse résumé by earning and collecting quest-specific NFTs and YGG tokens that reward participants for their efforts and recognize their exceptional contributions to the guild.

For Season 2, YGG increased the number and type of quests while implementing various initiatives and improvements to continue building the program. Guild members also had the option to mint a YGG Guild Badge on the Polygon network to minimize gas fees and gain access to the GAP.

“We learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, and we continuously take feedback from our members,” said Mark Tan, YGG’s Community Product Lead. “For Season 3, we have started defining more standards, formed our first GAP council, and had open dialogues on what changes we wanted to make for the next season. We are committed to supporting the growth of our community and helping them build their identity and reputation in web3. Building and scaling an entire questing program requires strong cooperation across our community and partners, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the next season as we continue to evolve the Guild Advancement Program.”

The second season’s 117 achievements were designed collaboratively with the YGG core team and game ambassadors while incorporating community feedback received following the conclusion of Season 1. These achievements were thoughtfully crafted to appropriately reward activities within the guild, of which some had well-defined metrics while others were subjective. Achievements for Season 2 ranged from onboarding quests, content creation and in-game accomplishments to being part of the scholarship program for certain games and other Discord activities.

The community came together to create 80 quests that were tied to games like Axie Infinity, League of Kingdoms, Splinterlands, CyBall, Castle Crush, Big Time, Legends of Venari and My Pet Hooligan. A new set of 37 quests focused on onboarding and contributor quests were also introduced to acknowledge the efforts of Founders’ Coin holders, Metaversity participants, managers, content creators, game ambassadors, helpers and moderators who bring their combined skills to build toward the continued progress of the YGG community.

My Pet Hooligan quest fro GAP Season 2

The achievement creators for Season 2 are FallenCorpsez (Game Operations Manager), Sedano (Community Marketing Manager), Kazuo (Portfolio Operations Manager), Mike (Head of Esports), AC (Game Operations Manager), Nate (Head of Game Operations), Mae-zing (Game Ambassadors Lead), KnightAV (Head of Product Development) and Mark (Community Product Lead). YGG game ambassadors also created achievements for their respective games.

FallenCorpsez and Mae-zing shared how adding more quests to the overall lineup was a significant improvement from the previous season. “GAP Season 2 has been great for the Game Testers’ Program. The number of qualified participants has increased by four times since last season and more members are eagerly waiting for Season 3,” said Mae-zing.

With the help of Communi3’s platform, YGG members were able to track the progress of their quests and submit the required information to have it evaluated by achievement creators on the backend.

The rewards for achievements are posted on the YGG dapp where members could choose whichever achievements appealed to them. Guild Advancement Program NFTs were sent to the participants’ wallets soon after player participation is evaluated across games.

A total of 603 unique wallets, participated this season, where 2,063 achievements were minted, translating to a total of 225,226 YGG tokens for distribution to the GAP Season 2 participants.

Top 10 leaderboard based on the number of achievements earned for GAP Season 2

The NFTs, which were created by artists commissioned by YGG from Cryptopop Art Guild (CPAG), a guild that sponsors underprivileged Filipino artists, were sent out to the participants directly. 41 individual artists worked on this season’s GAP NFTs. They were led by CPAG Art Director Caroline Dy, who wanted the NFT artworks to appear as though they were hand painted and to fit the aesthetic style of a fantasy video game.

The YGG token rewards needs to be claimed from the “Achievements” section on the YGG dapp. The tokens were made available on the Polygon network in order to minimize the cost for participants to claim their rewards and enable broader participation.

Soon after the claiming period ends, YGG members have the option to stake their earned tokens within the recently launched YGG Reward Vaults for League of Kingdoms (LOKA rewards) and Thetan Arena (THG rewards). This will be made available on the Polygon network as well. The YGG Reward Vaults bridge YGG’s passionate play-to-earn community directly into the extensive YGG partner ecosystem with the intention of forming a long-term, sustainable reward program.

YGG set up a #gap-questions-and-support channel within Discord for community members to clarify doubts and queries. Mark and the Game Ops team hosted multiple Discord Q&As and Office Hours sessions to discuss quest blockers with the community.

A survey form was also shared with GAP participants to gather the community’s valuable feedback and brainstorm ways to incorporate it into future seasons.

Dae, YGG’s Upper Moderator and Lead Game Ambassador for Guild of Guardians, said he enjoyed exploring Season 1 and 2 as a community member and is excited to be able to participate on the metagame level of the GAP for Season 3 in order to push the possibilities further for everyone. “I identified Quest Operations as one of the most impactful areas for the GAP program’s success, as it has cross-dimensionality. Our first mission is to get rid of a lot of friction we could identify thanks to previous GAP seasons’ feedback,” he added.

MonsterLover234, YGG’s Lead Game Ambassador for MetalCore, shared what they are looking forward to in the coming seasons of the GAP: “I am excited for all the quests that are to come for partnered games and the new members that will come because of it. As a YGG Game Tester, I also look forward to the new games that I will get to test and see if those games have the potential to be part of the GAP in the future.”

If you are interested in joining the GAP Season 3 planning team, apply here.

For more information on YGG, read the YGG whitepaper here. Join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a web3 gaming guild where players can enrich themselves as they find their community, discover games and level up together.