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Yield Guild Games (YGG) is wrapping up the first season of its Guild Advancement Program (GAP), an achievement-driven community token distribution protocol that rewards YGG members for providing value to the guild through quality contributions.

The GAP consisted of 45 missions, called “achievements,” developed to help the guild grow and prosper so that individual community members could take a more proactive role in running the guild. Inspired by the YGG Community Airdrop that rewarded a cohort of YGG’s earliest and most active supporters, the Guild Advancement Program was designed so that members can build their Metaverse résumé through quest-specific NFTs and YGG tokens that both reward participants for their efforts and distinguish exceptional participants within the guild, opening up even more opportunities for them in the future.

This program is a return to the true concept of the guild that we know from medieval times, where skilled tradespeople applied their skills to better their local environment and improve the reputation of their guild. Through the GAP, YGG scholars, managers, players, creators, game testers, moderators, helpers, game ambassadors, and contributors now bring their combined skills to build toward the future Metaverse and the continued progress of the YGG community.

Mark Tan, YGG’s Community Product Lead, played an important role throughout GAP Season 1, ensuring effective coordination between the teams and gathering vital feedback from the community to help ship great products. With a passion for building consumer products and growing Web3 communities, Mark brings his 14 years of experience in product development from Procter & Gamble, Amazon, On Deck, and various Web3 communities to YGG so that it can continue to deliver more community-focused programs and products to the guild.

“The GAP is an important way for YGG to recognize guild members who make meaningful contributions. We want to continue rewarding our most active players with a personalized record of their history and achievements. It was a truly fulfilling experience to support this program. I saw the enthusiasm and inclusiveness among the participants across different achievements and their willingness to give back to the community,” said Mark.

Season 1 Achievements

The first season’s 45 achievements were designed by a group of nine achievement creators who are members of the Core team and Game Ambassadors. These achievements were thoughtfully crafted to appropriately reward activities within the guild, of which some had well-defined metrics while others were purely subjective. Achievements for Season 1 ranged from content creation and in-game accomplishments to being part of the scholarship program for certain games and other Discord activities.

Seen below are the top 10 participants who gathered the most achievements for the season. A majority of the participants on the leaderboard are those who completed multiple quests in League of Kingdoms, one of YGG’s game partners having the largest variety of quests.

The achievement creators for Season 1 are FallenCorpsez (Game Operations Manager), Sedano (Community Marketing Manager), Mike (Head of Esports), Iamdeadlyz (YGG CyBall Lead Game Ambassador), AC (Game Operations Manager), Nate (Head of Game Operations), Mae-zing (Game Ambassadors Lead), LastDragon (YGGSPL Lead), and KnightAV (Head of Product Development). The achievement creators for Season 2 will expand to include all Game Ambassadors and Helpers.

LastDragon, the community lead at the YGGSPL subDAO and a community leader in the YGG Discord, describes his experience as an achievement creator to be different from most since he was able to collaborate with the entire YGGSPL subDAO and let everyone weigh in to help create the inaugural Guild Advancement Program Season for YGGSPL.

According to FallenCorpsez, Game Operations Manager at YGG, “I’m very happy to have been a part of the team that put together YGG’s Guild Advancement Program Season 1. Rewarding the active contributing members that make YGG great is vital and ties back to the idea of the future of work.” He added that he is excited to add more achievements for Season 2 and involve the YGG community further to suggest achievements for activities that merit being rewarded.

The vision of YGG has always been to reward those who actively participate in the guild and add value to the community. Moving forward, YGG members can expect more diverse achievements and a streamlined approach to the Guild Advancement Program.

Over 500 YGG members participated and successfully claimed their rewards for this season of the GAP. Through this, YGG was able to encourage members to host their own live streams and foster healthy competition to secure ranks and titles in partnered games.

“I would characterize my participation in the Guild Advancement Program as a positive, and gratifying experience. The community members gave me the motivation I needed, which significantly improved my gameplay. I also developed a passion for completing the tasks through my hard work and persistence in playing. I will definitely participate again in the next season of GAP and aim for more achievements.” said BigBoss | YGG, Top 1 GAP Season 1 Participant, rewarded with 14 achievements this season.

BigBoss | YGG was consistently in the League of Kingdoms rankings and leading rallies in the game throughout Season 1

“My GAP Season 1 was entirely focused on live-streaming, providing the best content I could and passing on the knowledge I have in order to help others become better players,” said YGG Elite player Kousei | YGG. “As an Elite player for YGG, I not only intend to compete, but also to help my fellow members. I received the Mage of the Realm NFT, which looks incredible, and I will work towards contributing more to YGG for GAP Season 2.”

Kousei | YGG, an esports player from YGG Elite, has streamed over 20 Axie Infinity V3 Alpha gameplays to educate the YGG community. He was rewarded with the Mage of the Realm achievement for providing live streams of YGG partner games such as Axie Infinity for the community.

“I came across the game League of Kingdoms (LOK) last year, and it was the first crypto game I encountered that required an alliance. I was recruited by a friend to join the YGG alliance and I soon became an active member of the YGG community. So, when the Guild Advancement Program and LOK achievement were announced, I felt very appreciated. While LOK players were having fun playing the game with the community, we were able to achieve something too. I look forward to completing more achievements with our growing alliance next season.” LaBoo6, YGG GAP Season 1 LOK achievements participant, top 3 in the leaderboards.

One of the tasks required to be awarded with the YGG LOK Knight I NFT is to achieve 1–50 power rank in the guild at least eight times in three months.

Rewards for Season 1

The rewards for achievements were posted on the YGG dapp where members were given the freedom to choose whichever achievements appealed to them. Guild Advancement Program NFTs were sent to the participants’ wallets soon after they filled the form and were evaluated to see if they met the specific criteria to acquire those rewards.

YGG Guild Advancement Program participants cumulatively earned over 102,160 YGG tokens and over 1,030 NFTs were distributed to them, which determined the precise number of tokens to be allocated per participant.

The NFTs, which were created by 45 artists commissioned by YGG from Crypto Pop Art Guild (CPAG), a guild that sponsors underprivileged Filipino artists, were sent out to the participants directly, while the YGG token rewards needed to be claimed from the “Achievements” section on the YGG dapp. The tokens were made available on the Polygon network in order to minimize the cost for participants to claim their rewards and enable broader participation.

Above are five NFTs out of the 45 that were minted this season for GAP participants.

Soon after the claiming period, YGG members have the option to stake their earned tokens within the recently launched YGG Reward Vaults for two partner games, namely Aavegotchi (GHST rewards) and Crypto Unicorns (RBW rewards). This will be made available on the Polygon network for token holders to easily stake without worrying about high gas fees.

The YGG Reward Vaults will bridge YGG’s passionate play-to-earn community directly into the extensive YGG partner ecosystem with the intention of forming a long-term, sustainable reward program.

With the successful conclusion of the GAP’s first season, YGG is looking forward to opening up more opportunities for achievement creators and participants to unlock a new realm of rewards for contributing their time, skill, and effort toward the growth of the wider YGG community. The NFTs and YGG token rewards will serve as the tool to level up in the YGG ecosystem based on the value that each member brings to the guild.

We are looking forward to seeing you in GAP Season 2!

For more information on YGG, read the YGG whitepaper here. Join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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