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YGG Managers Cup Finals Wrap-Up

The YGG Managers Cup, the guild’s first charity esports tournament, came to a conclusion this month in a series of battles among 16 gaming guilds spread over the span of nine months. The tournament was packed with clutch critical hits, sneaky backdoors and high-skilled mechanical outplays that entertained viewers live through Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and Discord, with a clean feed for content creators via YouTube.

Gaming guilds from different regions battled for the cup with an aim to demonstrate the competitive nature of Axie Infinity while giving back to their chosen charities. Sponsored by crypto exchange FTX, and supported by YGG Alerts PH and Axie Infinity, the tournament also highlighted the wide range of gaming guilds from all over the world, their communities, and their most competitive players, and captivated audiences worldwide.

YGG Managers Cup Tournament Bracket

With other guilds being eliminated, the first round of the semi-finals commenced on June 5 between Axie.gg and Lev0x Esports. All of Axie.gg’s members got eliminated, earning Lev0x a spot in the finals.

July 17 marked the second round of the semi-finals where YGG Elite faced METAT8 to win the remaining spot for the championship. With two players still standing for YGG Elite and none left for METAT8, YGG Elite moved to the final round.

Shoutcasted by YGG’s Zeliaser and Lev0x’s Bassmonster, the finals came on July 31 with exciting plays from both teams competing for the championship: Lev0x Esports and YGG Elite. Lev0x Esports is an NFT gaming community known for creating meta Axies in Axie Infinity. YGG Elite is YGG’s roster of its best esports players who represent the guild in competitive tournaments.

YGG Managers Cup Season 1 Finals on Twitch

Lev0x Esports stood their ground, but ultimately, YGG Elite won, with two players still standing, and took home the cup. In this championship, YGG Elite was represented by Disi, Elm0momo and Biggabbie — veteran Axie Infinity players who are placed consistently at the top of Axie Infinity’s leaderboards. They are also top players in Axie Infinity: Origin.

The 16 gaming guilds who clashed for the cup are YGG, YGG Alerts (formerly Axie Alerts PH), Lev0x Esports, AxU.EVO, Crit Theory Gaming, Gotskillz PH, Axie.gg, Real Deal Guild, Ola GG, METAT8, Axie Global, Blackpool Academy, MTTM, Loot Squad and QU3ST (formerly SuperWhale) and YGG Elite.


An amount of US$35,000 from the tournament’s sponsor, FTX, will be donated to various charities and organizations, including Gentle Hands, a child and youth welfare agency committed to providing a home for children in the Philippines who have been orphaned or have experienced neglect or abandonment. US$10,000 from FTX was used by Gentle Hands to treat an orphan’s tumor operation.

The remaining amount will be allocated to the chosen charities of the teams ranking second to fourth in the tournament.

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange available across 200 countries. They have also donated through YGG’s Sponsor-A-Scholar Program, a project that allows organizations and individuals to help scale the positive impact of play-to-earn games by contributing funds to cover the cost of the NFT assets needed to play. FTX provided a team of Axies to 137 scholars in August 2021 for them to earn crypto rewards.

Because the Managers Cup is a charity tournament, there will be no cash prizes for the winners. Instead, winners will receive a physical trophy signed by the children at Gentle Hands, as well as an official YGG Managers Cup Season 1 NFT trophy.

Season 1 NFT trophy award

YGG Esports

“Wrapping up the first season of the YGG Managers Cup was one of the most fulfilling campaigns we’ve had within YGG,” said John Sedano, Community Marketing Manager at YGG. “Being able to bring the biggest NFT gaming guilds together for a greater cause is monumental for our social work within the space. Running an eight-month competitive showcase elevates the Managers Cup as the longest-running charity tournament, and we’re even more excited to explore more games that we can work with in the near future.”

YGG’s support for esports doesn’t end with the Managers Cup. YGG Esports has plans to host more tournaments with game partners to further promote the esports scene in blockchain gaming while creating educational content for the Web3 community. This is led by Mike Ovecka, YGG’s Head of Esports and former esports Associate Program Manager at Blizzard Entertainment.

“We saw an exciting final battle between Lev0x and YGG Elite,” said Mike. “This was the first team-based tournament format where competitive guilds would field three players, each battling head to head, last hero standing — all for a charitable cause. Fans and players alike will see the Managers Cup coming back in the future as it’s a vital part of our esports and YGG TV programming.”

In addition to this, the YGG Pilipinas Roadtrip, a roadshow event, has meet-and-greets and tournaments to fill community demand for fun play-to-earn tournaments for casual players.

Check out the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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