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Media Roundup — YGG Raises $1.325M Seed, March 2021

In March 2021, we announced that we had raised a seed investment of $1.325 million.

Since then, we’ve received plenty of attention from the global media with 80+ articles published. The following is a roundup of the most noteworthy coverage we’ve received over the past few weeks.

DAO Investing in NFTs Raises $1.3M From Crypto VCs

Danny Nelson, CoinDesk

This article by the world’s number one cryptocurrency news publication emphasized YGG’s impressive seed raise from a “smattering of well-heeled veterans of crypto venture capital” as a relative newcomer to the NFT space.

“As a DAO, YGG pools investor assets to bet and profit on NFTs, sharing the proceeds with backers. Its focus is on NFTs that intersect with the gaming space,” wrote Danny.

Yield Guild Games will let players earn income from NFT games

Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat

Veteran gaming journalist, Dean Takahashi, wrote an in-depth piece exploring the potential of the metaverse to improve people’s lives in emerging economies, like the Philippines and Indonesia, where job opportunities are lacking and government relief from the COVID-19 pandemic has been limited.

“It would be great if we could monetize the time and attention that we invest in games,” wrote Dean, noting that so far only exceptional esports athletes and celebrities have been able to live this dream. But now, with play-to-earn gaming, everyday people could be making a living this way.

“I see it as a big step forward for the Leisure Economy, a utopia in which people can make a living by getting paid to play games,” wrote Dean. “These “creator economy” jobs might have seemed ludicrous in the past, but now they’re more than a novelty.”

Beryl Li’s Bold Quest To Transform NFT

Evelina Lavrova, Gokhshtein Media

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Evelina launched a series of stories about female investors and founders in DeFi, Web 3.0 and NFT.

Her first featured guest was Beryl Li, co-founder of YGG. Beryl shared with Evelina her personal backstory, her motivations to explore the emerging world of DeFi, and how she came to co-found YGG along with Gabby Dizon and Owl of Moistness. Beryl also shared her thoughts on how to encourage greater diversity in the crypto sector.

Playing Crypto Games for a Living Is More Than Just a Meme

Nathan van der Heyden, Crypto Briefing

To write this piece, Nathan borrowed a team of Axies from YGG so he could learn how to play the game and earn its highly coveted token, Small Love Potion (SLP). His firsthand experience is evident in the article, which provides an overview of the basic information that players should know before they start playing Axie.

“Imagine playing a quick game on public transport and buying your coffee with the profits,” Nathan wrote. “Whether it’s Axie Infinity or something else, the NFT revolution is coming to gaming,” he added, highlighting that YGG will position itself to be a mainstay in all games and metaverses on the blockchain.

In a follow up Tweet, Nathan explained further why he’s bullish on NFT gaming.

Delphi Digital Invests in Yield Guild, a Play-to-Earn NFT focused Gaming Guild Supporting Blockchain-based Economies

Omar Faridi, Crowdfund Insider

This article is an interview with Anil Lulla and Piers Kicks at Delphi Digital, the New York-based blockchain consulting firm that led the seed round investment into YGG.

Delphi described YGG’s treasury as a pseudo-investment fund for productive NFTs, adding that due to YGG’s unique position at the heart of the ecosystem, they expect it to provide unparalleled insights into attractive new projects at the earliest opportunity.

Yield Guild Games Raises Funding To Bring Gamers to the Metaverse

Michael Mislos, BitPinas

BitPinas is the number one blockchain and cryptocurrency news publication in the Philippines. This article written by Michael Mislos, Senior Writer at BitPinas, explained how video games built on the blockchain have made it possible for every gamer to earn a living. “YGG has so far been very successful in attracting gamers around the world,” said Michael.

Michael went further to explain:

YGG is in the business of scouting which of the blockchain games have NFTs that can earn yield for players so that more people can participate in what it thinks is the future of work — jobs and participation in the “metaverse“, a shared virtual world similar to the virtual world seen in the film Ready Player One. There’s still a lot of room to grow in this shared metaverse and YGG is intending to take everyone from all walks of life in that ride.

This is how to make — and lose — a fortune with NFTs

Andrew Fenton, Cointelegraph Magazine

Andrew Fenton is a senior writer at Cointelegraph Magazine who has previously written in-depth feature articles about the blockchain ecosystem in the Philippines.

His article opens with a snapshot of the “astounding” rise of NFTs this year, with Google searches for “NFT” up 600% since mid-February and leading NFT platforms, such as NBA Top Shot, CryptoPunks and OpenSea, turning over millions of dollars in revenue each day.

Beeple’s “Everydays” also sold at Christie’s for almost $70 million and mainstream media from the BBC to The New York Times running explainers.

Andrew interviewed an all-star cast of NFT experts for their advice, including Colin Goltra of Narra Gallery, Andrew Steinwold of Sfermion and Zima Red, Alex Gedevani of Delphi Digital, Jeffrey “Jiho” Zirlin of Axie Infinity, Yat Siu of Animoca Brands, Miko Matsumura of gumi Cryptos, Alex Atallah of OpenSea, and Gabby Dizon of YGG.

Gabby encouraged would-be buyers to do their research, noting that it’s still so early in the NFT game that it’s difficult to gauge potential financial returns.

A better strategy is to “buy something you would not mind owning for the next five years,” said Gabby, adding that one eye should stay on factors that might see the value increase, like “scarcity, desirability, aesthetics and utility.”

a16z Podcast: All about NFTs

Sonal Chokshi at a16z with guests Jesse Walden and Linda Xie

This podcast episode offers an in-depth, brilliantly detailed overview of NFTs. Linda Xie of Scalar Capital also offered listeners an introduction to Axie Infinity and YGG.

This podcast episode offers an in-depth, brilliantly detailed overview of NFTs. Linda Xie of Scalar Capital also offered listeners an introduction to Axie Infinity and YGG.

“There’s a DAO called Yield Guild Games that I’ve been participating and active in,” said Linda. “One thing they’re doing right now is this DAO is investing in virtual land in the games that they’re playing, because they’re experts in these games themselves. And they’re actually developing like the land in these games as if … just in like a physical world of developing real estate and making it better (the idea is that they’re going to be just owning tons and tons of virtual land,” she explained.


Raoul Pal at Real Vision with guest Piers Kicks

Real Vision’s CEO, Raoul Pal, was joined by Piers Kicks, venture partner at Delphi Digital, to discuss the metaverse, esports, and earning money in the digital world. The speakers noted that as more and more people are becoming digital, the development of the metaverse has been made more evident.

“Enabled by crypto, digitally native economies are quickly emerging, which provides opportunities for people anywhere in the world to earn money via playing; for example, this would include the play-to-earn business model found in Axie Infinity.”

Startup Yield Guild Games announces investment to be allocated to the development of NFTs for virtual games

Fernando Quiros, Cointelegraph

The YGG story was also reported widely in Spanish language, including this article by Cointelegraph Español. The article reiterated that YGG will focus on accelerating the play-to-earn phenomenon and enable players around the world to generate income by operating, selling, and investing within the game.

Yield Guild Games successfully completed the $1.325 million seed round


We also gained extensive exposure in Chinese language publications. This article at Baidu.com, which is China’s #1 ranking search engine with ~5 billion monthly visits, features a quote from a Chinese investor in YGG, Eraser Li Rongbin of SevenX Ventures. He said “we need projects like YGG in the digital realm to help people join games, manage and optimize organizations.”

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