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YGG Partners with African blockchain Infrastructure, Cassava Network

Yield Guild Games has partnered with Cassava Network, an African blockchain infrastructure that can be implemented in any existing Web2 applications to give users exposure to Web3 rewards. Rather than migrating users from existing apps to blockchain-based solutions, Cassava Network brings blockchain to the apps where users already are. Its developers are also committed to improving the lives of people in Africa and around the world through widespread blockchain adoption.

Cassava Network is backed by a multi-function app and wallet, which allows users to explore rewards, manage assets, trade NFTs, perform in-app swaps, access staking pools, engage with DeFi protocols and interact with Web3 platforms through the in-wallet browser. It will initially launch on Solana and move to other blockchains as it develops.

YGG acquired US$100,000 worth of CSV tokens for the community to participate in the network. Cassava is looking forward to collaborating with the guild to introduce Cassava Network games and apps to YGG community members and to bring Cassava to Web2 games that YGG gamers are already enjoying.

“We’re excited to be working with YGG to help bring Web3 to more gamers than ever before,“ says Francis Obasi, co-founder and CEO of Cassava Network. “We believe that blockchain has the potential to change lives around the world, and it’s through play-to-earn gaming that we can see adoption spreading the fastest.” Rather than Web2 developers moving to Web3, this feature allows them to bring blockchain to the apps where users already are.

The native rewards token, $CSV, can be implemented in any existing or new Web2 application to introduce users to Web3 rewards. Cassava is built to scale, and as the network grows, so does its token utility. The developers’ vision is for the Cassava ecosystem to change the way people engage online and increase the value it creates.

Cassava is also building an ID system that leverages the data made available to the platform through partner integrations. The user’s behavior on different content platforms, such as news, music, video and games, will be recorded and even gamified through Cassava On-Chain Achievement Tokens (OATs).

OATs are NFTs containing data that tracks user activity. By associating OATs to a particular wallet, Cassava is able to create an identification system that the user owns. With this, users are given control over their data and are incentivized through the daily usage of apps, integrated with Cassava.

When Cassava detects that a participant has met the activity requirement, it releases the corresponding reward to the user’s Cassava account.

As Cassava only requires a smartphone or a PC and an internet connection, it is also easy for developers to implement the platform in their existing and future apps.

$CSV is used for rewards and as a method of exchange in the marketplace and swaps, as well as governance rights.

The first NFT launch of Cassava Network will begin in May of this year..

For more information on Cassava Network, check out their website, whitepaper, Discord, and Twitter.

Also, check out the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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