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YGG Partners with StemsDAO to Empower Music Creators Worldwide

YGG has partnered with StemsDAO, a Web3 platform that allows its users to create music alongside their favorite artists. StemsDAO allows artists to drop collections of “stems,” which are audio tracks that make up a song, as NFTs. Through this partnership, YGG members will be able to access the StemsDAO platform, create their own music and potentially launch their remixes as NFTs on the platform for rewards.

StemsDAO is committed to contributing to the development of create-to-earn within the music industry, with the goal to create a communal music-making experience where artists are rewarded for their creative work, similarly to how players of games are rewarded in games. StemsDAO remix games have music makers from countries around the world creating new music from stems for prizes.

In order to start creating music remixes, participants will require a crypto wallet and an internet connection. The StemsDAO platform allows music makers around the globe to collaborate and connect with major artists within a few clicks. Here’s how it works:

  • Other artists use the stems to create new music for prizes.
  • Stem NFTs can be collected to earn future royalties from new music created with the stems.
  • The DAO chooses artists producing the best remixes, which are verified by the artist and become NFTs themselves while being released on traditional digital service providers (DSPs).
  • As stems are used in more and more new music, they become more valuable.

Fellow musicians and fans within the StemsDAO community are incentivized to create remixes and new music with these stems, which are composed of audio file layers such as vocals, synths, bass and other sounds. Artists whose stems are used in new music are compensated based on the success of those new pieces of music through NFT sales and streaming revenue.

StemsDAO was started as a passion project by co-founders Haitham Mengad, an engineer (former contributor to Cosmos (Tendermint) and Celo) and a hobbyist producer/vocalist, Radniik (Nikita Bondarenko), a dance music producer, DJ, and engineer, Ander (Andros Wong), a vocalist and the CEO and co-founder of Wonderverse, a DAO tooling company, and Christian Vivadelli, a Technical Program Manager at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University.

The group often created music together and the DAO began as an idea to drop the NFT stems of these collaborations, starting with, the track “dear,” a collaboration between Radniik and Ander, as a one-off collection. The group later realized that the idea had much greater potential, leading them to form StemsDAO.

The StemsDAO platform recently launched and is initially available on desktop and a mobile version shortly after. The first NFT stem collection for the song “dear,” created by StemsDAO co-founders Radniik and Ander, will be minted on this day. Following the launch of the platform, StemsDAO will be dropping weekly stem collections and releasing its best remixes on DSPs with artists such as Elohim, Poolside, Great Dane, Harris Cole and others.

For more information about StemsDAO, check out their whitepaper, website, Discord, and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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