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YGG Purchases DigiDaigaku NFTs in Limit Break’s “Free-to-Own” Game

YGG has purchased NFT assets in DigiDaigaku, Limit Break’s first NFT collection that brings anime-style characters and a new “free-to-own” model to crypto gaming. Founded by former Machine Zone CEO, Gabriel Leydon, Limit Break is a Web3 gaming company that builds massively multiplayer online (MMO) games with digital ownership.

YGG has acquired 22 DigiDaigaku NFTs worth US$51,303 at the time of purchase in the open market. Through this, the guild will be able to produce more NFTs to equip the YGG community, so they can participate in various game experiences in DigiDaigaku’s ecosystem once it launches.

A game development veteran with over 20 years of experience, Gabriel Leydon was the co-founder and former CEO of Machine Zone, a game development studio that was acquired for US$300 million by AppLovin in 2020. In his previous role at Machine Zone, Gabriel oversaw the development and marketing of some of the biggest mobile gaming titles ever published, including Game of War, Goldstrike, and Final Fantasy.

“We at YGG have full faith in Gabriel’s ability and expertise when it comes to delivering games that have mass appeal,” said Gabby Dizon, co-founder of YGG. “We are open to innovative Web3 gaming models and looking forward to the various gaming experiences that the team at Limit Break will enable.”

By launching DigiDaigaku with a free mint and giving away Factory NFTs that make holders eligible for airdrops, Limit Break presents a unique opportunity to turn fans and early supporters of the project into advocates. Labeling this Web3 game launch model as “free-to-own,” Gabriel and his team strongly believe in surpassing the currently dominating models in gaming like free-to-play. More information about Limit Break’s plans for DigiDaigaku will be shared by their team soon.

“We are proud to have YGG and its community of passionate players as early participants in Limit Break’s revolutionary gaming model,” said Gabriel. “As early pioneers of the play-to-earn model in Web3 gaming, YGG can expect a range of unique community-driven experiences in the eventual launch of the DigiDaigaku game.”

With Machine Zone’s unparalleled success in developing blockbuster games, user acquisition, and marketing, Gabriel is bringing his team from the Web2 game studio to make an impact in Web3 games through Limit Break. The company will use the US$200 million raise from Paradigm, Buckley Ventures, and Standard Crypto to develop blockchain games while leveraging the talents and combined experience of the former Machine Zone team, including Halbert Nakagawa, who co-founded both Machine Zone and Limit Break with Gabriel.

Limit Break has since grown to 50 people, with about 80% of the team being former Machine Zone employees.

For more information about Limit Break, check out their website and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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