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YGG Speeds Into the World of Extreme Racing in Partnership With Trial Xtreme

Yield Guild Games has partnered with Trial Xtreme, a new competitive bike racing game integrated with NFTs and blockchain technology. The team behind the game, Gameplay Galaxy, consists of over 30 professionals with 15 years of experience in building and developing games. They are the same pioneers who made the blockbuster Web2 motocross racing game series, Trial Xtreme, which is available on Android and iOS with over 250 million downloads.

YGG purchased a simple agreement for future equity (SAFE) issued by Trial Xtreme for US$50,000. Through this partnership, the game will quench the YGG community’s thirst for a fun bike racing game that will allow them to earn and build a collection of in-game assets.

“Partnering with such an experienced gaming guild and having them deeply involved at an early stage has allowed us to improve the game design and optimize the gameplay experience for our players,” said Doron Kagan, CEO of Gameplay Galaxy.

The free-to-play racing game offers a Web3 arena for players to compete, buy, evolve and trade in realistic, challenging and constantly changing racecourses and environments.

Players can choose what events and tournaments to participate in and earn in-game soft currency such as coins and diamonds by showcasing their skills and winning the races. Earning certain amounts of coins and diamonds allows players to start competing in the token races where they can win tradeable NFTs and tokens.

Throughout the gameplay, players collect resources that allow them to mint first-level bike NFTs, then trade or fuse them to get higher-level and more premium bikes. The NFT bikes, tracks, workshops and characters owners are part of the game management and optimize their token reward potential as they increase their involvement within the game.

For more information about Gameplay Galaxy and Trial Xtreme, check out their website, Discord, and Twitter.

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