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Guilds are officially live in Pixels! To celebrate this highly anticipated release, Yield Guild Games (YGG) has brought Superquests inside the game to teach players all about becoming part of a Pixels guild.

Following a festive play-to-airdrop campaign that saw a community tirelessly imploring, “WEN $PIXEL,” culminating in a successful token launch, Pixels has had its barn doors open to upwards of 700,000 daily active users. Alongside this growth, the game has introduced a host of new gameplay mechanics in a major update called Chapter 2. Now, it is rolling out its in-game guild system with YGG through Superquests.

Featuring new Superquests mentor and OG Pixels farmhand, Player_w3, this three-level Superquest takes Terravillans on a journey to master the new Pixels guild system, the perks of farming with a guild, and the requirements for joining and creating one.

Ready to enter the stately halls of the Guild Castle?

Tailoring Superquests to the Pixels Universe

Down the Rainbow Road east of Terra Villa, a regal fortress welcomes questers onto its sprawling grounds. There, they will find YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon as an NPC version of himself. Temporarily leaving the Terra Villa sauna where he is usually stationed, Pixels founder Luke Barwikowski’s NPC will be at the Guild Castle to meet questers as well. Interacting with Gabby and Luke will send players on a hunt for hidden clues across town to solve puzzles and obtain special items.

Videos from Player_w3 will help players locate and decipher the clues. To get access to the Superquest, participants will need to have a YGG account. Registration is open to all players, and there is no need to acquire a quest pass. After completing the quests, players will receive a soulbound Superquests achievement badge and earn 300 reputation points inside Pixels.

There will also be a draw for three Pixels VIP annual passes and a grand prize of one YGG Founders’ Coin NFT. To qualify for the draw, players must have completed all three levels of the Pixels Superquest and earned the achievement badge by April 30, 2024, 12:59 p.m. PDT. Four unique winners will be announced on May 1, 2024, on YGG and Pixels’ social channels.

Players will have access to the Pixels Superquest after the game update on March 20, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. PDT.

“It has been a great honor working together with both Pixels and YGG,” said Player_w3. “It was a great opportunity to teach their communities the basics about Guilds. These new features might change the web3 and social-fi space forever.”

As an open-world game, Pixels has long demonstrated its commitment to fostering collaboration among different communities. Playing Pixels means catching Animoca Brands Executive Chairman Yat Siu at the Moca Clubhouse by the beach and Sky Mavis Director of Business Development Kathleen Osgood working the Axie booth at The Buck’s Galore. Dozens of NFT projects are integrated into Pixels, and there are whole new worlds and games inside it as well, such as NuCyber and a reimagined version of CyberKongz’s Niakea.

The Superquests system was designed to seamlessly integrate into any web3 game. Paired with Pixels’ capacity for interoperability, Superquests could then be embedded in the gameplay in an engaging way that fits naturally into its open world.

Pixels players have been helping each other advance through the game for many months, whether by creating video tutorials like Player_w3 or just trading tips and resources while relaxing in the sauna. With the introduction of in-game guilds, Pixels and YGG are developing a structured way to ramp up this collaborative activity. Now, players can achieve more with their time as they farm Grumpkins and Watermints with their guild. In a way, it turns Pixels into a microcosm of what both teams envision for web3.

“Guilds will help our players to come together, take on diverse roles, acquire rare resources, and experience Pixels in an entirely new way,” said Luke. “While we’re excited for this next chapter, we recognize it’s a major shift for our players. It was important to partner with the true guild experts, YGG, to teach you everything you need to know about how guilds will work in Pixels and have fun while doing it through Superquests.”

A New Chapter for Web3 Guilds

Pixels was part of YGG’s Guild Advancement Program (GAP) throughout 2023, with its nine quests in GAP Season 4 garnering 5,000 sign-ups. The quests unlocked soulbound achievement badges that could help players build their onchain reputation as they crafted cases of Popberry Wine and grinded for the Key of Success.

This time, the Pixels Superquest offers a way for new and returning farmers to get acquainted with an all-new Terra Villa while being rewarded for their progress. With Player_w3 guiding them through the new in-game guild system, they can then continue their adventure in Pixels with a guild of their choosing.

After a productive year of actively participating in the earlier iterations of Pixels, YGG is proud to help build the foundation of its future. This Superquest is a meaningful step forward as YGG sharpens its focus on supporting the creation and operation of guilds within larger ecosystems.

“Bringing Superquests into Pixels felt like a natural transition from working together through two successful seasons of GAP,” said YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon. “We’ve been aligned with Luke and his team on a lot of things from the very beginning, especially the potential we see for onchain guilds. This Superquest is our way of building on what we started together and deepening that partnership. I’m very excited to see more guilds being established through this new system inside Pixels and look forward to supporting all of them.”

Eager to start playing Pixels? Sign up for the Pixels Superquest with Player_w3, and see you at the Guild Castle!

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