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Yield Guild Games and its SubDAOs purchase $800K worth of NFT Assets in Aavegotchi Metaverse

Pixelated crypto collectibles have made their way to the Yield Guild Games (YGG) treasury in the form of adorable NFT ghosts called Aavegotchis. The Gotchiverse, a DeFi-enabled MMORPG developed by the Singapore-based Pixelcraft Studios, allows players to interact within the Aavegotchi Metaverse.

YGG and its subDAOs Yield Guild SEA (South East Asia) and Yield Guild ASIA are together committing US $800K of value into the Aavegotchi game universe. The purchase includes securing exclusive YGG themed land plots and participation in the upcoming Gotchiverse Land Auction (October 28–31). Aavegotchi avatars and wearables will also be acquired in preparation for gameplay when the Gotchiverse goes live in December of this year. YGG has acquired Aavegotchis, wearables, and REALM land parcels and conducted a token swap of GHST/YGG worth US $500K.

Aavegotchi’s Citaadel Map in Xray View

This also means that the YGG community will be able to play in the Gotchiverse from the game’s very beginning and access gameplay features such as team token farming, land lending, and Aavegotchi lending.

According to Sarutobi Sasuke, Head of Partnerships at YGG, Aavegotchi is on the bleeding edge of DeFi meets gaming. “We will be investing in Aavegotchi to champion the YGG brand across the metaverse and create one of the first branded YGG experiences of what are sure to be many. There will also be plenty of opportunities for YGG scholars to enjoy the free-to-play version of Aavegotchi.”

Co-founder of Pixelcraft Studios, Jesse Johnson, expressed great excitement about the collaboration, “Like the wider community, the YGG leadership team is responsive and very hands-on. It’s very clear to me why they are the number one guild in the world, and I think YGG will see tremendous success in The Gotchiverse.”

Aavegotchi brings the nostalgia of the virtual pet game, Tamagotchi, only this time with pixelated ghosts that inhabit the Ethereum blockchain and make use of Polygon network. Backed by the ERC-721 standard, these NFTs are valued by their rarity level, which is calculated via multiple factors, such as base traits, amount of staked collateral such as interest-bearing tokens from the Aave Protocol called aTokens, and equipped wearables. At a minimum, a player only needs a single land parcel. A player can visit its land by connecting their wallets and renting it out to Aavegotchis to share a split of the farming yield. Having your own Aavegotchi linked to your parcel unlocks more farming potential, as well as the full breadth of social and exploratory gameplay.

“With the Aavegotchi team having some of the strongest technical minds in the play-to-earn space and historically strong economics, the YGG community will be enthralled to participate in this dynamically evolving ecosystem,” Sarutobi adds.

The Gotchiverse features The Citaadel and The Grid zones

The Gotchiverse is a vast expanse of land, occupied with the spirits of liquidated yield farmers, and key landmarks distributed across its geography. In the Gotchiverse, players farm, craft and explore within a massive world filled with surprises. Players play to upgrade their homesteads by farming four elements (tokens) of the Gotchus Alchemica that are called FOMO, FUD, ALPHA, and KEK. Combinations of these tokens are used for crafting various in-game assets, upgrades, and exclusive NFTs.

Farming as a guild brings greater rewards that benefit everyone. To host a guild, players can install a “lodge” NFT on their parcel and then invite their friends to join their exclusive farming team. By working together, players can upgrade their lodge and other parcel features to grow their guilds and mint uber-rare NFTs. Players can also link parcels to form estates, embark on hunter/gatherer-style missions, and coordinate building both social and defensive structures.

While the official game launch is still to be revealed, the game will first launch with a cooperative and peaceful area known as The Citaadel. Guilds and neighbors can work together to boost each other’s yields. Phase two of the game will focus on The Grid, this wider world is more like the wild west and introduces a new free-to-play character that will compete with Aavegotchis in a competition for greater Alchemica harvests. Players can farm Alchemica from their own parcel, join guilds and farm estates together, or go on adventures across the vast world searching for surface Alchemica.

GHST is the base ecosystem currency for the purchase of various digital NFTs, such as Aavegotchi portals, wearables, consumables, and collectibles. MetaMask and the Arkane wallet will be integrating with Aavegotchi soon to support ERC1155 tokens, so that players will be able to see all of their assets (such as wearables) including GHST tokens in their wallet.

Players are also incentivized to stake their earned GHST tokens to mint REALM, the land parcels of the Aavegotchi Realm. By acquiring REALM parcels, players will be able to explore, build, battle, earn and socialize within the Gotchiverse.

A mega ALPHA installation in The Gotchiverse

To level up Aavegotchis, players can engage in a variety of activities including mini-games, governance, and meetups. Additionally, Aavegotchis can also increase their rarity level by equipping in-game wearables. Aavegotchi is also working on in-house mini-games, along with hosting mini-games that are envisioned and developed entirely by the community.

The Gotchiverse Auction features an interactive map

Starting October 28, 2 pm UTC to October 31, 2 pm UTC, Aavegotchi will be conducting a land sale in a bid-to-earn style GBM (Gonnaud-Bessire-McDonaugh) auction, where participants can earn GHST for losing bids.

For more information on Aavegotchi, check out their whitepaper, website, Discord, and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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