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Yield Guild Games: Community Update — Q1 2022

​​In this article, Yield Guild Games (YGG) shares highlights from the newly released Q1 2022 Community Update, including the guild’s latest game partnerships, its new regional subDAOs, and the launch of the CyBall scholarship program.

The following contains highlights achieved by the guild in another important period of growth. To learn more, read the full YGG Q1 2022 Community Update here.

Community Activities

YGG hosted and took part in several community events and initiatives in Q1, both virtual and in person. It hosted seven Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions on its channels, in addition to a special Community Update AMA in March covering important events that happened at the year-end of 2021 and moving into 2022.

The guild also launched a YouTube series called “Scholar Stories” in the first quarter of the year, featuring members of our community sharing how play-to-earn has changed their lives. Two episodes were released in Q1 2022, featuring Maverick and Vin.

The first-ever Managers Summit then took place last March 3–5, 2022, in Pasay City, Metro Manila. Hosted by YGG Pilipinas, the Managers Summit saw a gathering of more than 20 of the guild’s Scholarship Managers coming from different parts of the Philippines to share best practices and celebrate the milestones that the guild has achieved since its inception.

Growth Update

YGG has pursued a highly scalable approach to global expansion through its implementation of regional subDAOs to offer scholarships localized to various communities across the globe. This will create a flywheel for growth for the YGG network while always keeping the focus on delivering tailored support to our communities.

The guild now provides direct support for scholars in the Philippines as well as subDAO support from YGG SEA looking after key markets in Southeast Asia, IndiGG targeting over 400 million gamers in India, and Ola GG providing opportunities for Hispanic communities.

Across the YGG network, Axie Infinity remains to be the scholarship program with the largest number of scholarships. Meanwhile, YGG and its subDAOs have also launched scholarships in other partner games such as CyBall, Star Sharks, WonderHero, Pegaxy, Karmaverse, Fancy Birds, Thetan Arena, Aavegotchi, The Wasted Lands, Mecha Morphing, and Space War.

Total YGG Network scholarships have shown an increase of 174% from Q4 2022 to Q1 2022. As seen above, the growth in scholarship numbers can be attributed to YGG’s subDAOs launching more scholarships in their partner games.

Meanwhile, YGG opened up its second scholarship program at the start of February 2022, enabling players to use YGG assets to earn rewards in the cyborg-themed soccer game, CyBall. Yield Guild Games first partnered with CyBall in October 2021 with the acquisition of Genesis CyBloc NFTs to play the game. YGG will be actively breeding new CyBlocs to expand the scholarship program over time.

YGG Esports

In Q1 of 2022, YGG esports successfully cemented a dominating presence in the competitive Axie Infinity space with the formation of the premier competitive Axie Infinity esports team, YGG Elite. The team currently has 12 members who, since joining, have been racking up big tournament wins.

Additionally, a feeder system has been established with Rising Star, where promising Axie scholars who have competitive ambitions and drive can make their name known with the ultimate goal of promotion to YGG Elite.

The YGG Managers Cup, one of the biggest Axie Infinity esports tournament, will also be moving towards the semifinals stage.


2022 has opened with 13 new partnerships being solidified in the first quarter, totaling US$2.565 million. 63% of that value went to nine play-to-earn game partnerships, while 23% went into partnerships with gaming guilds to expand the reach of YGG. The remaining 14% was targeted at platforms and infrastructure that would support the wider play-to-earn ecosystem.

Following on from a strong focus on partnering with MMORPG and MMO games in Q4 2021, the YGG team has continued to partner with titles from those genres. In Q1, YGG spent US$700,000 and US$500,000 on MMORPG and MMO gaming partnerships respectively to acquire NFTs and governance tokens.

YGG continues to partner with games from all genres to ensure that the community has a wide range of options to better reflect the diverse community of YGG players in the years ahead. As of March 2022, YGG has partnered with Crypto Unicorns, Genopets, Avalon, Tatsumeeko, Crypto Raiders, MetalCore, Space Misfits and BLOCKLORDS.

YGG has also partnered with gaming guilds Ola GG and MetaGoons to ensure that all players are given the opportunity to access scholarships. Additionally, the guild has partnered with the payment infrastructure, XLD Finance, and the investment DAO, Syndicate. Through these partnerships, YGG hopes to fulfill its ongoing mission to expand its reach with a more holistic experience and improved services and support for those seeking to participate in play-to-earn gaming.

Looking Ahead

Many of the games that YGG partnered within 2021 are beginning to launch in some form (alpha, beta, or general launch), and the YGG community and the crypto community as a whole are always excited when a new title launches. Q2 is looking to be a big quarter for optionality, and hopefully, there will be more scholarship options rolling out from YGG and YGG subDAOs in new games.

Given the amount of funding that entered the market during the second half of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, it is safe to expect more play-to-earn games showing progress. New projects will launch having learned from previous projects. Funded projects move closer to launching gameplay every day, and YGG continues to introduce its community to new games and platforms.

With this, YGG is working to create more opportunities for its new and existing scholars. From performance-optimizing strategies to improvements in in-game asset breeding to fulfill scholarship demand in a fluctuating market, the guild is working closely with its subDAO partners and developing new products that can benefit our community further.

To learn more about YGG’s partnerships and activities from January to March 2022, download the full YGG Q1 2022 Community Update here.

For more information on YGG, read the YGG whitepaper here. Join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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