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Yield Guild Games: Community Update — Q4 2022

​​In this article, Yield Guild Games (YGG) shares key takeaways from the Q4 2022 Community Update, including the latest details on the Guild Advancement Program (GAP), the guild’s continued ascent in esports, its latest partnerships, and the activities of its regional subDAOs.

The following is a short summary highlighting some of the achievements of the guild in the fourth quarter of 2022. To learn more, read the YGG Q4 2022 Community Update in .

The final quarter of 2022 was a significant period for YGG, with several key events and accomplishments. The second season of the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) concluded successfully, and the Philippine Web3 Festival gave the YGG community an opportunity to come together, learn from the early contributors to this thriving industry in the Philippines, and focus on what lies ahead. Additionally, the Axie Open Manila esports event, held alongside the festival, was another step forward in YGG’s aim to drive the esports scene as the leading guild in web3.

The Success of GAP Season 2

YGG completed of its Guild Advancement Program (GAP) in December 2022. Since its launch in April, the achievement-driven community token distribution protocol has rewarded over 3,000 achievement NFTs to YGG Badge holders for contributing value to the guild. These nontransferable NFT rewards enable the YGG community to build their on-chain reputation and Metaverse résumé as they support the guild’s continued growth through their active participation in YGG-partnered games and other guild initiatives.

In Season 2, the GAP saw participation grow 4x, having introduced new non-game quests and achievements so that more community members could demonstrate their skills. The program offered 117 achievements, up from 45 in Season 1, tied to 13 games including , , and .


YGG remains steadfast in its commitment to build the future of the Metaverse and continues to work directly with game publishers initiatives such as the Game Testers and Game Ambassador programs. The guild continues to partner with high-quality games for the community and closed the year by acquiring assets in the games Swords of Gargantua and Castaways.

is an online 4-player VR sword-fighting game. Players use their Meta Quest VR controllers as swords and shields in the virtual world, with every movement reflected in the virtual space. The harder a player swings, the stronger damage they inflict on the hordes of enemies that guard the final boss, Gargantua. After a successful first run, the game will return in early 2023, adding an exciting new experience to the YGG gaming ecosystem.

Wooden shelter in Castaways

is an open-world sandbox MMO game. The game is still in its alpha stage but has already completed a US$12.5 million seed round led by Dragonfly and Polychain. Players work together to build environments, participate in mini-games and trade resources. YGG has acquired 34 of the 1,000 total Castaways Genesis Character NFTs to build a thriving community in the game. Recently, it has experienced significant growth and now has an estimated 30,000 daily active users.

In total, YGG formed 33 new partnerships across games, guilds, and infrastructure in 2022, with a total cost of US$7.69 million. These partnerships have been valued at US$31,517,909 as of December 31, 2022. Market sentiment may have been down in the final quarter of the year, but with partners’ roadmaps filled with launches and updates, they will likely receive strong interest and enthusiasm from the player community.

The First Philippine Web3 Festival

, held in November 2022 in Manila, brought together a diverse group of attendees from the web3 community including gamers, builders, investors, developers, educators and artists from all over the world. Hosted by YGG and BlockchainSpace, the event served as a platform for the guild to create opportunities for its partners and investors to connect with their target communities.

The festival featured speakers from YGG, including Global COO Colin Goltra, co-founders Gabby Dizon and Beryl Li, and YGG Pilipinas Country Manager Luis Buenaventura, as well as participation from a number of YGG partners.

Shining the international spotlight on the Philippines, of the Black Eyed Peas flew in from Los Angeles to speak with Leah Callon-Butler, Director of , about the role of technology in enabling Filipino artists to showcase their work to a global audience. Apl performed the Black Eyed Peas hits “Bebot” and “Filipina Queen,” after which Gabby Dizon, Peter Ing, and April and Sevi Agregado of Sevi Loves Art presented Apl with a PHP 1,000,000 donation to The Apl.de.Ap Foundation in order to help educate Filipino creatives.

The Philippine Web3 Festival had over 2,000 in-person attendees, 110,700 online viewers, and a total online reach of 32.2 million.

A Stronger SubDAO Network

Throughout 2022, YGG subDAOs from around the world worked hard to build their communities further. Many of the subDAOs accomplished this by creating tailored products and community engagement platforms, developing web3 tools and technologies, and growing their user base, with most keeping their focus on esports and providing web3 games for competitive gameplay.

To further align and cooperate towards achieving their shared goals, YGG held its first-ever on November 18, 2022, in Manila during the Philippine Web3 Festival. , , , , and were in attendance. Representatives from each discussed their efforts and strategies in their regions, sharing insights on how to better understand and support their users, explore collaborations and partnerships, and coordinate for esports tournaments.

“We are more aligned than ever, and I look forward to hosting the SubDAO Summit again in the future to foster our long-term working relationship. It’s been a difficult market, and despite uncertainty and challenges around the original business model some of the subDAOs were built on, what we’re building together is greater than the sum of its parts, and meeting together in person underscored the power of our network,” said Andy Chou, Head of Ecosystem Development.

Each organization also recognized how they can leverage each other’s strengths to achieve the overall mission of YGG: to onboard new users onto the open Metaverse and create new opportunities for players in digital worlds. The YGG network will come together for similar discussions at least once or twice a year, taking turns hosting the group in their specific region.

The Road Ahead

Through the events that YGG organized and the partnerships and initiatives that it successfully launched, the guild was able to further solidify its leadership position in the web3 space as it created opportunities for its partners and investors and encouraged active participation within its community. Overall, the year 2022 has been a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire YGG community, and it is the guild’s goal to continue driving the growth of this thriving ecosystem.

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Yield Guild Games (YGG) is the world’s first and biggest web3 gaming guild where players can enrich themselves as they find their community, discover games and level up together.

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Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a web3 gaming guild where players can enrich themselves as they find their community, discover games and level up together.