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Yield Guild Games Forms a Mafia Syndicate in MOBLAND

Yield Guild Games is partnering with MOBLAND to join the first-ever Mafia Metaverse, created to be an action-adventure role-playing game with a stylized take on the world of a modern crime syndicate.

YGG will form one of the leading Mafia syndicates within MOBLAND for its community to participate in the MOBLAND GameFi 2.0 economy. Within the game players will face off in exciting and strategic battles to acquire in-game resources and take over global cities.

The guild participated in an early strategic round to acquire SYNR governance tokens worth US$75,000. Besides creating and introducing members to the syndicate inside of the MOBLAND Discord server, YGG will also utilize the GameFi 2.0 product in MOBLAND.

A team of four Genesis Blueprints, which can be acquired on the MOBLAND marketplace and Binance NFT marketplace, is required to play the game. Genesis Blueprint NFTs are ranked as the all-time #1 Collection, in terms of volume, on the Binance NFT marketplace, with over 19,000,000 in volume across 18,000 NFT sales. The game is working with global IP to introduce new users to the play-and-earn landscape. However, players will be able to mint low-level mobster NFTs for free.

Players see themselves joining a syndicate, running businesses, taxing their underlings and paying tribute to their bosses through blockchain-backed resources. With enough ambition, power and swagger, they can sit at the head of a syndicate and help chart the course of the Mafia Metaverse. Users acquire, manage, trade and expand members of their syndicate, taking control of turfs and businesses while looting and raiding other syndicates to grow their empire.

MOBLAND is launching a first-of-its-kind GameFi 2.0 module that will ensure a fast and affordable experience for participants by moving cross-chain. In order to move assets and value among the selected chains, MOBLAND’s GameFi ecosystem leverages Superpower’s Tesseract, a set of smart contracts able to send and receive messages cross-chain. Players will be able to stake in-game NFT assets and SYNR tokens on the Ethereum network and mint in-game assets cross-chain on the BNB chain. BNB is just the first chain as MOBLAND will eventually expand the GameFi 2.0 module to other networks; such as Solana, Polygon & more. The GameFi 2.0 solution will bring the seamless transfer of value and information to numerous Metaverses across multiple chains.

The first GameFi module will be released in Q2 2022 with the introduction of digital WEED farming with Snoop Dogg followed by the PVP & PVE in early Q3, 2022.

MOBLAND has designed various reward streams that will help players participate in different activities suited to them to earn rewards:

  • GRINDER — Users can participate through daily events, PvE tasks, PvP tasks, recurring events, leaderboard events, syndicate events and earn rewards.
  • CAPITALIST — Instead of selling directly on NFT marketplaces, users can reallocate their hard-earned assets into the MOBLAND Metaverse, through various tools and products like Turf and License to generate additional revenue.
  • HODLER — Users can hold and stake assets for additional yield, in-game boosts, and other privileges.
  • GOVERNANCE — Users can stake the SYNR token to participate in the Metaverse governance committee.

At present, the game features three main ERC-20 currencies and various ERC-721 NFT’s that will be expanded for in-game usable assets.

  • SYNR is the governance token that allows the user to make their in-game characters stronger and also to farm other tokens used within the ecosystem.
  • sSYNR is the synthetic asset that will be usable in the marketplace to purchase in-game assets at a discounted price and eventually generate SEED.
  • SEED will be the first cross-chain asset in the Mafia Metaverse, which will be mainly utilized to acquire a variety of in-game assets including commodities, Turf (Land), and revenue-generating business licenses such as Weed Farms.
  • Blueprints — The Genesist Characters in MOBLAND. These genesis characters can attack, defend, build, and gather resources throughout the Mafia Metaverse. Three main categories define these characters; Appearance, Statistics & Abilities. These genesis characters will have a permanent advantage compared to later editions.
  • SYNR PASS — The gift that keeps on giving. The SYNR PASS is going to provide multiple perks, incentives, and private access to the MOBLAND ecosystem. The incentives include (not limited to) airdrops, guaranteed whitelisting, staking multipliers, & early access to information. Further the Synr Pass will act as a yield multiplier on various cross chain assets.

Roy Liu is the co-founder of MOBLAND who served as the former head of business and marketing of TRON for the last four years. An early member of PopCap Games back in 2006, he worked on several award-winning game titles like Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled. PopCap was later sold to EA for US$1.3B in 2011.

The Syndicate Protocol is the foundational layer for MOBLAND’s ever-expanding Mafia Metaverse. This protocol is the layer three for everything Mafia Metaverse, and a framework that acts as the canvas for its numerous products. The game will put forth new modules to be generated for this ecosystem, such as first-person shooter games, strategy games, farming games, or even MMO games all derived directly from the generated assets and the existing infrastructure.

Syndicate Protocol will be open to all community developers to add more modules to the users, similar to what Roblox does with its community developers.

MOBLAND is built on the latest Unity real-time development platform in C#, the industry standard for cross-platform game development. The game will use this technology stack to enable an advanced graphics rendering pipeline, overall scalability, stream ability, networking readiness, and ongoing customization of the gameplay experience.

For more information about MOBLAND, check out their whitepaper, website, Discord and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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