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Yield Guild Games Further Expands: Partners with MetaGoons, a New Wave of Metaverse Explorers

Yield Guild Games (YGG) teams up with MetaGoons, a Web3 ecosystem and development platform which also identifies as a gaming guild. Their mission is to bring to life a new paradigm in gaming that captivates and engages global communities through the power of pop culture.

YGG supported MetaGoons with US$50,000 in seed investment and a YGG/GOONS token swap worth US$50,000. Through this funding, both guilds are given the opportunity to strengthen their alliance and grow and expand their communities.

Jacky Yang, co-founder of MetaGoons, states that they share the same philosophies and visions for Web3 with YGG. Both communities embrace the idea of a decentralized and open Metaverse.

“We are not so much competitors, but allies on a mission to break down barriers of the walled garden of Web2,” said Yang. “In this brave new world, utopia can truly materialize in the Metaverse — working in the comfort of home, playing fun video games to put food on the table, and connecting with like-minded communities all around the globe. And we are both here to accelerate that transition.”

MetaGoons has also teamed with Team Pacquiao GG — the gaming, esports, lifestyle and content brand of former world champion, professional boxer and philanthropist, Manny Pacquiao — as the first step to achieve this goal.

With this partnership, collaboration for marketing activities, events and promotions is also likely to happen, as both ecosystems are intertwined. Een Mercado, a YGG and Team Pacquiao content creator, will also play a role in such activities.

“MetaGoons intends to incubate and develop communities that are focused on fostering the next generation of creators. We plan on cultivating a prestigious aspirational brand that anyone with internet access can be involved in. Thus inspiring and passing the torch to the youth that will ultimately shape this emerging industry we are all building together.” Donnell Wright, co-founder of MetaGoons said.

MetaGoons is collaborating to accelerate the adoption of Web3 tools and traverse with like-minded “goons.” As global audiences enjoy gaming, music, art and entertainment, MetaGoons intends to leverage these to attract communities.

Jacky describes the Metaverse as a blank canvas, a barren and mechanical world, created artificially, that needs passionate people and engaging experiences to give it life.

MetaGoons plans to bring in diverse and viral communities through their holistic and human-centric approach. Scholars, esports, content creators and leisure gamers from around the globe will have a chance to populate the Metaverse in any gaming project that MetaGoons invests in and develops.

A player only needs passion, initiative and a strong willingness to learn and improve to start interacting with the guild. MetaGoons’ scholarship system adopts the same contract as most guilds do — a percentage split where the scholar receives 70% of the earnings.

MetaGoons is currently in operation and has already completed Phase 1 of their roadmap, which includes seed round, onboarding 1,000 scholars, promoting community growth, and creating an esports division.

Phase 2, which starts soon, includes forming a media and content division, building the MetaGoons mansion in the Metaverse, and launching NFT drops among others.

MetaGoons will also soon have a governance token ($GOONS). Although governance tokens are multipurpose, they usually grant their holders the power to manage and vote for decisions in a decentralized environment.

For more information on MetaGoons, check out their website, Medium, Discord and Twitter.

Also, check out the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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