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Yield Guild Games Partners With Synesis One to Support Cyberpunk NFT Puzzle-Driven Game

Synesis One is a DAO for gamified data farming and an NFT Data Marketplace for AI, offering a revolutionary way for NFT holders to earn sizeable rewards through playing games, while training AI systems with natural language. Synesis One’s first browser-based game is Quantum Noesis. Built on Unity and allowing for transactions on the blockchain protocol, Solana, Quantum Noesis is the world’s first playable NFT-based graphic novel offering challenging gameplay filled with intricate puzzles and play-to-earn incentives.

To access the game, a player must have a Kanon token or an equivalent amount in $SNS in their crypto wallet. YGG has purchased SNS tokens and 250 Kanon NFTs worth US$150,000 to add to the treasury of game assets that the community can use. These NFTs will serve as players’ keys to access Quantum Noesis and earn rewards in SNS. YGG will also support Synesis One’s upcoming NFT game titles, starting with Quantum Noesis, to collaborate with YGG subDAOs such as YGG SEA, IndiGG.

According to Sarutobi Sasuke, head of partnerships at YGG, “We are eager to collaborate with Synesis One, and their team who are building a game that integrates carefully thought-out puzzles, NFTs, and AI.”

“The star-studded team at Quantum Noesis has done a great job at integrating captivating lore alongside compelling gameplay, which made it stand out,” he added.

“YGG is the trailblazer in NFT gaming and the guild space,” said Paul Lee, CEO and co-founder of Synesis One. “We are thrilled to work with them as our investor and strategic partner to expand the reach of our first graphic novel NFT game, Quantum Noesis.”

Quantum Noesis is set in the year 2035, where EVI, the world’s first sentient AI, is under attack. Players play the role of an elite cyber security agent and must outsmart the enemies to clear all twelve levels, win crypto prizes, and unlock the ultimate puzzle: the mystery of consciousness.

In the game, players solve a series of word puzzles that represent EVI’s scrambled memory banks and the underlying problems in EVI’s code. The game integrates a puzzle-driven narrative and AI technology.

The word puzzles require putting letters into a grid, assembling word fragments, and deciphering letter substitution codes. As the game is also a contest, players that are among the first to solve a puzzle, clear a level, complete the final AlphaOmega Puzzle, or just be among the first few thousand to finish the entire game, will win $SNS tokens.

$SNS as the native governance token will be staked to play games within the Synesis One ecosystem. Moreover, the rewards that gamers earn in-game will be given out in $SNS tokens, where Kanon NFT holders will earn claimable passive rewards in $SNS whenever the word on their NFT is used by AI clients.

Each puzzle requires a lot of experimentation and creativity to solve.

It is not only Quantum Noesis’ gameplay mechanics that make it stand out in the play-to-earn genre, but the puzzles themselves, which were created by renowned game designer Cliff Johnson, who created the popular ’80s game, The Fool’s Errand (1987), which Wired magazine has called the “Greatest Puzzle Game Ever,” and 3 in Three (1990), which was MacUser Magazine’s Best Game of the Year and Games Magazine’s Best Puzzle Game of the Year. The Fool and His Money (2012) is his most recent magnum opus.

Quantum Noesis is currently in production with a puzzle-driven narrative in the form of a 12-chapter Book One targeted to be released in Q1 2022 which will uncover a puzzle-driven narrative of Quantum Noesis. Additionally, the team at Synesis One is working on translating the script into playable graphic novel panels. There are more books in the making that will contain challenging puzzle quests and opportunities to earn crypto rewards, to launch along with a new NFT collection.

For more information on Synesis One, check out their litepaper, website, Discord, and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a web3 gaming guild where players can enrich themselves as they find their community, discover games and level up together.