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Yield Guild Games Partners with Walken, a Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn Game on Solana

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is branching out to the X-to-earn genre of games by partnering with Walken, a free-to-play and move-to-earn game on Solana. Gamifying simple daily activities like walking and running, Walken promotes a healthy lifestyle and rewards its players for being physically active while allowing them to walk-to-play and play-to-earn with zero investment and ensuring a smooth onboarding process for Web2 users moving into Web3.

YGG has purchased US$100,000 worth of WLKN tokens and 1,700 Genesis CAThletes for the community to play and earn token rewards in the game.

“We are happy to partner with a game that promotes healthy behavior while letting players earn rewards from the time and effort they put in,” said Jeff Holmberg, YGG Head of Asset Acquisition. “The YGG community will be excited to participate in games that are exploring the X-to-earn phenomenon.”

YGG will use its diverse network of players to help the game get traction globally. Walken is developed by established mobile health and fitness developer, GetFit Apps, with a total of over 60 million downloads and US$45 million revenue since 2017.

“YGG is the largest guild and gaming community in Web3, and partnering with them is a real honor for us,” said Alexei Kulevets, CEO and co-founder of Walken. “With their help, we can make sure the product can be fine-tuned to perfection and get massive traction.”

Walken focuses on enabling everyone to start walking and earning right from the start. Players get a crypto wallet and an adorable in-game NFT character called CAThlete for free upon sign-up. By walking in real life, players earn gems, which they can use to upgrade their CAThletes and compete to win WLKN tokens.

WLKN is a reward and governance token used for trading on the in-game NFT marketplace and required to upgrade a CAThlete’s level and stats or buy additional NFT accessories on the in-game marketplace to get extra stats points and win more competitions.

Walken uses the movement-detection capabilities of standard smartphones and wearable devices to capture the step counts of users.

CAThletes will have a limited number of energies per day, with each competition costing one energy. Generated with a unique set of genes that determine their appearance, stats and rarity, the values of the stats significantly affect the chance to win in a particular running discipline. Every time a CAThlete’s level increases, its strength, speed and stamina also increase. The more a player walks in real life, the higher a CAThlete’s stats can reach, which lends it a higher chance at winning in competitions, earning more WLKN tokens.

By taking care of CAThletes, leveling them up and buying equipment on the in-game marketplace, players make their CAThletes more competitive. Once a player launches a competition, their CAThlete’s stats and steps from the last 24 hours are compared against the stats and steps of another CAThlete, and whoever scores higher wins the WLKN tokens.

Competitions take place in five leagues. The higher the league, the more tokens are at stake each competition. With a minimum CAThlete entrance level to compete in each league, players are given an incentive to keep walking and playing, upgrading their CAThletes to open up more leagues and keep winning more WLKN. A competitive gameplay system makes continuously upgrading CAThletes and acquiring more CAThletes the only option to keep earning in a highly-competitive environment.

The grand vision of the team at GetFit Apps is to build the Walken protocol as a platform to onboard other developers and expand the Web3 ecosystem with consumer-oriented products. Walken is a full-fledged NFT-integrated application on iOS and Android developed on Solana. It is currently in a public beta and has already welcomed over 200,000 players on iOS and Android.

For more information about Walken, check out their litepaper, website, Discord and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.



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