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Yield Guild Games Purchases Habitats in Move-to-Earn Solana Game, Genopets

For the first time ever, the play-to-earn and move-to-play mechanics are being merged by Genopets, Yield Guild Games’ latest partner within the Solana ecosystem that encapsulates the play-to-earn craze while incentivizing physical activity.

YGG has purchased custom branded Genopets Habitats, along with Genopets governance tokens (GENE) for the YGG community to use.

According to Sarutobi Sasuke, Head of Partnerships at YGG, “Genopets is a fascinating and innovative take on play-to-earn meets fitness. We will be purchasing Genopets Habitats specially branded for YGG that will allow for the YGG community to play, move, and earn.”

“The Genopets team has great experience in the crypto space and a deep understanding of the scholarship model, which can be seen from the design of the game and how Habitat delegation should allow for easy management of scholars,” he added.

As Albert Chen, co-founder, and CEO of Genopets, shared, “The idea for Genopets was born from our prior work in digital health exploring ways to provide passive income to individuals as an incentive to stay physically active.”.

“Through the years, we remained steadfast in our vision for health-enabled passive income,” he added. “We have been very blessed by the play-to-earn narrative tailwind and are excited to have the support and experience of Yield Guild Games on our side as we revolutionize the intersection of gaming and NFTs.”

Genopets is a play-to-earn NFT game on Solana that combines the nurturing of Tamagotchi with the training and battling of Pokémon through asynchronous puzzle mini-games all driven by your real-world activity.

At the heart of the game is your digital spirit animal, a Genopet. Genopets are generative NFTs that evolve and can be upgraded and customized with eight variable bionic features and extremities, falling under the category of one of five elemental types. Due to the cybernetic nature of Genopets, players can swap their body parts for a more pleasing appearance and better stats by completing PVE quests and unlocking special body modifications as they level up their Genopet and increase its rarity.

These pets can be evolved to increase their value with every step taken in real life, then sold on NFT marketplaces. Genopet NFTs can be acquired for free and are minted as infants. Over time, they increase in value as more time and effort is invested to augment their type, battle performance, and aesthetics. Since your Genopet reflects your daily activity and personal preferences, it becomes a one of a kind and incredibly rare digital representation of yourself.

The game converts your real-life movement into XP (experience points) to progress in-game. It does this by accessing the step data from your smartphone or wearable fitness device to reward you for each step you take in the real world with in-game features and abilities such as story advancement, aesthetic enhancements, and performance upgrades.

Gene Crystals are non-fungible tokens that you craft using unrefined crystals, GENE and KI to direct the evolution of a Genopet. Gene Crystals come in many forms, and each plays a unique part in affecting your pet’s evolution. For instance, a Fire Crystal can change your Genopet to fire-type and grant it a fiery appearance and fire moves for a limited time.

In the Genoverse, there are three different roles:

  • Collector — Collectors may play the game with the purpose of creating the coolest, never-before-seen Genopet while crafting and hunting for rare NFTs to hold and trade them in the open marketplace.
  • Merchant — Merchants purchase, create, and terraform the most mystifying habitats to farm and refine rare and valuable crystals to trade on the marketplace.
  • Landlord — Landlords acquire habitats for the purpose of leasing them to other players to get a steady flow of resources.

GENE is a governance and staking token that represents ownership in the Genoverse. GENE token holders get to vote on the future of gameplay and stake GENE tokens to earn rewards.

KI is a fungible in-game reward token that can be earned when purchasing a Habitat. KI can be used to evolve Genopets, alchemize crystals, generate new Habitats, and battle other players.

Genopets live and evolve in procedurally generated non-fungible Habitats that can be purchased through the Genopets Marketplace or crafted using GENE, KI, and Gene Crystals. These Habitats influence Genopets’ skills and crafting costs for Gene Crystals. In addition to this, Habitats need to be maintained periodically to continue earning KI tokens.

The biggest difference between Habitats level 1–3 is the number of unrefined crystals each Habitat generates, Refined Crystal production, and the amount of KI a player can earn each day. This means that a higher-level habitat can generate more daily KI. Habitats boost XP, unlocking the ability to craft Gene Crystals directly and earn daily KI.

The game also has a competitive nature to it by letting players battle it out in a PVP environment to secure their rank on the leaderboard and earn more XP.

Genopets also has plans to roll out team PVE quests and an NFT marketplace in addition to implementing a zero-knowledge protocol to upgrade Genopets by importing biometric data.

For more information on Genopets, check out their website, documents, Discord, and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.




A play-to-earn gaming guild, seeking yield around the Metaverse.

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Yield Guild Games

A play-to-earn gaming guild, seeking yield across the Metaverse.

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