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Yield Guild Games Purchases Time Machine NFTs in Play-to-Earn Action RPG, Big Time

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is entering the fast-paced, action role-playing game (RPG) world of Big Time, a play-to-earn and free-to-play game where players team up with friends to travel through time to fight monsters and bosses, clear dungeons and earn NFTs. Through this partnership, YGG and Big Time Studios will help educate gamers around the world about NFTs and blockchain gaming.

“I’m thrilled to be working with YGG on the launch of Big Time. Our goal is to create the world’s first AAA blockchain game, so partnering with a guild focused on excellence made for a natural fit,” said Big Time CEO, Ari Meilich. “YGG has redefined what a gaming community can be. Their involvement has made our vision for SPACE, the NFT that will allow Big Time players to customize their universe within the game possible. It’s a testament to our friendship and our commitment to building a better metaverse,” added Meilich.

YGG has purchased Time Machine NFTs worth $US500,000 for the community to use in the game, once released.

Big Time is set in a world where a mysterious threat is tearing down the walls of time and collapsing history, causing different eras to collide with one another. The game takes players through time and space to encounter some of history’s most infamous figures and puts the player in the driver’s seat of their own time machine, allowing them to collect legendary items from revolutionary historical battles.

Players acquire a Time Machine in the early stages of the game and will be able to expand and personalize it as a way to display their in-game achievements. These machines, which essentially act as inventories, allow players to keep track of their achievements and any loot they have collected while playing.

Additionally, Time Machines also unlock unique playable features and utilities like installation of new portals, extra rooms, and specialized crafting areas. These add-ons will allow for the exploration of new timeshares, the chance to fight enemies from other dimensions, and the ability to unlock and collect limited-edition NFTs.

The Syphons were built and abandoned by an ancient alien race. In Big Time’s world, the deeper you venture, the more mysterious and strange things get.

Meanwhile, SPACE NFTs are limited-edition NFTs by which players and guilds can expand their Time Machines in the game, and create a universe within the Big Time multiverse. Each SPACE unlocks different features that will boost NFT capabilities and allow access to the future Big Time token. SPACE can only be collected in-game or purchased from the Big Time Marketplace. As they are incredibly rare and difficult to acquire, only a certain amount will be allocated for sale, and the remaining will be distributed across the game.

As you battle across history in Big Time you will make many friends and even more enemies. In Time’s End, it may seem peaceful, but you never know where the danger may lie.

Through playing the game, players will be able to earn two types of in-game items: cosmetic tradeable NFT items and gear with gameplay bonuses that cannot be traded for crypto or fiat. However, players can trade other NFTs directly on secondary markets, use them as collateral for loans, rent them out to other players or even fractionalize them.

In-game tokens can be earned by players as they battle across history, defeat enemies and undertake dangerous quests, and explore procedurally generated dungeons in teams of up to six. In addition to their collectible value, the tokens will have in-game utility as well. They can be used to purchase ultra-rare and exclusive cosmetic NFTs, speed up crafting times, and repair damaged and depleted items.

Big Time Studios has an all-star team of game industry veterans from the likes of Epic Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts (EA), and Riot Games. Individually, they have contributed to some of the most beloved and widely renowned franchises in gaming history, including Fortnite, God of War, Call of Duty, and Overwatch, to name a few.

A beta version of Big Time is already under development and scheduled to be released later this year, while early access begins early 2022.

For more information on Big Time, visit their website, Discord, and Twitter.

Also, check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.




A play-to-earn gaming guild, seeking yield around the Metaverse.

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Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games

A play-to-earn gaming guild, seeking yield around the Metaverse.

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