This article is a beginner’s guide for anyone creating a Binance account for the first time. Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform (CEX) capable of trading and holding cryptocurrencies. Binance is an exchange that outperforms its competitors in terms of trading volume and number of users.

📒 Step 1: Create a Binance Account

First, https: // You need to go to ref = 57333759 and click Sign up with phone or email .

Then, on the next page, fill in the required information in the blanks and click Create Account .

A 6-digit verification code will be sent to the email address or phone number you provided. Enter this code in the blank and click Submit.

You have successfully created your Binance account. Let’s move on to the next step.

Step 2: Complete Identity Verification

After registering your account, you will need to verify your identity before using the exchange. Click Check Now to submit the required documents. The required documents vary from country to country. Documents normally required:

  • Personal information
  • Government-issued ID
  • Face recognition

🔒 Step 3: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) (Google Authenticator)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a tool for protecting your account. To log in, the user must provide another verification method. Thus, even if someone gets your password, they will face another obstacle to reaching your account.

Go to the Play Store or App Store page of the Google Authenticator and download it.

Then click Next .

(Click on the Play Store and App Store above to access the link.)

Scan the QR code provided by the application or manually enter the specified code into the application. Click Next.

Save this key on paper. This allows you to restore your Google Authenticator system in case you lose it. This code is the only way to recover your account. To reset your Google Authenticator, you need to open a support ticket and it will take at least 7 days to process.

Now let’s enable the Google authenticator. Enter your the code you received in your email address and the 6-digit code you received from the Google Authenticator. Then click Submit .

The Google Authenticator is now successfully enabled. Your account is now more secure.

💰 Step 4: Deposit Funds to Your Binance Account

(Since cash deposits can vary from country to country, we will show cryptocurrency deposits. You can also deposit fiat from your bank if you wish.)

(Fiat deposit source: )

Go to the Fiat and Spots page and click on Deposit.

Select the coin you want to deposit . Then select the network where you want to perform the transaction and copy your specific wallet address.

You can now send coins to the copied wallet address.

📈 Step 5: Learn the Spot Trade Page

  1. General sell order tab
  2. General buy order tab
  3. Real-time market candelstick chart
  4. Buy area
  5. Sell area
  6. Trading pairs supported in each market
  7. Last transaction
  8. Your history tab. Open orders, order history, transaction history, funds, etc.

If the above screen seems confusing for now, you can use Binance Convert with a simpler interface.

💱 Step 6: Binance Convert

Binance Convert is a simple tool for buying and selling cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks without having to place an order in the trading interface. Convert crypto or statutory assets easily and instantly at any time with zero fees and live prices based on current market conditions.

All you have to do is select the coin you want to swap and enter the amount. Then first click Preview Conversion to see the transaction details. After that click Convert to complete the whole process.

💸 Step 7: Withdraw from Binance to Metamask

As we mentioned in the Metamask article, you need to choose the appropriate network and token to send or receive. Not all networks support all tokens, and different networks may have different wallet addresses. Wrong network or token transactions can cause you to lose your assets.

(In this part, we will use USDC on Ethereum Network.)

First go to,

Go to the Metamask extension, copy the ERC-20 wallet address and paste it the required blank. Then select the network you want to perform the transaction, enter an amount, at the end click Withdraw .

Funds will arrive shortly after completing the required security verifications.

This is the end of this tutorial. I hope this helps.



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