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Making Urbanism Antiracist with Warren Logan

From “Avoiding Harm” to “Addressing Historical Wrongs”

  • His role in Oakland government both before and after COVID-19 (17:00)
  • What COVID-19 teaches us about local government’s abilities in an emergency, and how we might be able to use those abilities more constructively for Black & brown communities (18:00 & 23:30)
  • Why he is “anti-outreach” and “anti-information” (21:20)
  • How Oakland’s experiment with Open Streets shows us what constructive government engagement with Black & brown communities can look like (36:25)
  • What antiracism means to him in urban planning (32:25)
  • The importance of compensating community partners for their time (40:00)
  • How zoning can be like the secret In-N-Out menu (66:19)
  • How YIMBYs may be able to work to repair some of their relationships with Black & brown neighbors (60:19)



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