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May 21 · 2 min read
An Introduction to CASA

AB 1481 — Requires just cause for evictions

AB 1482 — Anti-rent gouging

AB1483 — Data transparency on housing production

AB 1484 — Stops cities from raising fees mid-permitting

AB 1485 — Streamlines approval of housing with min 20% affordable to middle income households

AB 1486 — Tightens the Surplus Land Act to get more housing

AB 1487 — Regional funding for Affordable Housing

AB 68 — Allows larger ADUs

ACA 1 — Lowers vote threshold for passing tax increases to 55%

SB 13 — Stops cities from banning the renting of homes and ADUs

SB 18 — Legal aid for tenants

SB 330 — Housing streamlining plus Right to Return

SB 5 — Allows some property tax to go to local affordable housing

SB 50 — Allows apartments near transit and jobs

SB 6 — Inventory of land suitable for affordable housing

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