My map of Greenville, SC

After living in Greenville, SC for 1 year, here is my summary of its social demographics:

Map of Greenvile with red line bisecting the city into NW and SE sections. NW and SE sections are influenced by culture from Asheville and Columbia + Charleston, respectively. Definition: yippie = yuppie-hippie.

Of course, the map is an over generalization. But, it may help to orient new comers to the area and provoke conversation.

My overall hypothesis is that Greenville, SC is subject to two opposing cultural influences. The NW section of Greenville is influenced by “high country” values: progressivism, sustainability, creativity. The SE section of Greenville is influenced by “low country” values: conservatism, resource exploitation (land and people), tradition.

I would include Traveler’s Rest within the NW section of Greenville since Furman University is a 7 minute drive from our house on N. Main St.

Prediction: Greenville’s future depends on whether the opposing cultural influences clash or synthesize.

A short list of examples (data)


Northwest: Peace center, Little Theater, Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville Center for the Creative Arts, Fluor Field

Southeast: Greenville Country Club, Greenville Zoo


Northwest: Stone Academy, A. J. Whittenberg Elementary School of Engineering

Southeast: Augusta Circle, Next High School


Northwest: Automatic Taco (food truck), Swamp Rabbit Cafe (local food), foodie places in Traveler’s Rest (e.g. Tandem Creperie, Sidewall Pizza).

Southeast: Willy Taco, LeGrande Bakery (French)


Northwest: ECO (Asheville), SylvanSport (Brevard)

Southeast: BMW


Northwest: Travelers Rest, Saluda, Hendersonville

Southeast: Spartanburg, Charlotte