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What’s wrong with education?

Things that I have noticed about our education system

A very usual frame that can be seen in all schools
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Schools are for learning, teaching, discussing, playing, exploring and many more — in theory.
The usual schedule of a student is 9 to 4 similar to the usual business hours. But schools ask for more. More than 8 hours.
How — They ask students to go home and study, do homework, assignments or any related stuff.
Why — Just because they can ask students to do it.

Schools are for learning, discussing and many things, but an effective major area of it is being done outside the school, mostly at home.
So there is a question — how is this education effective?
9–4 job every Monday-Friday and asking more is inhuman and not acceptable. “Don't play come study” had become our national anthem???

I have barely seen teachers, respecting a student’s time. Their time barely got any value. It’s always been “This is time to study, and nothing else”.
They are always on tight schedules and under heavy pressure.
Most of the CEO’s doesn't have a tight schedule like an Indian student

Whilst dragging such a hectic schedule, how can we expect our students to explore other than academics and to be innovative? Most students are so far from the opportunity of exploring things other than academics.

The greater education is not from schools but from nature, the people, the experience, the struggle, and many more. The irony is — our education is far from education and students are very far from both!

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Exams are not asking students what they have learnt, but what they can remember on that day!
And the questions in the exams — define that, explain this, merits and demerits of something and another million bare required things in life.

And think about exams coming right after the vacation and they’ve been stressed about it because only A+ counts in front of teachers and parents!

Yeah, children are preparing for their exams, our nation’s young minds are busy trying to remember the definition of a circle. But are we preparing them for the future, their career, the nation, the problems of the world, solutions that they can build, making life better? Or are they still defining circles?

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Nothing but a memory test!

Most parents can’t even think about their child failing for exams, because its moreover their dignity and show-off! I have seen more A+s for flex-boards/hoardings than for the career.

“My son passed with all A+s 😎”
“All our students have over 80% marks 🥳”
“Our state has 78% success rate 💪🏼”
Are these the motivation these days? Just the numbers!
All-pass is a word that defines 100% exploitation of desperate parents and students.

The system will not allow a student to fail. They need the numbers.
A failing student should fail! How are they gonna handle a failure when a real one comes and punch them in the face in the real world?!

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This is just a silly example — I always loved to write using reds and blues in my books. But whenever I use them I always got rejected, just because of the colour of the pen.
They say “These colours are only for teachers”.
Since when did some people start owning a colour?

I wanted my books to look like a journal, I wanted them to be looking good. But greens and reds, not allowed! Any logical reasons? — absolutely zero.

This is just a simple example of teachers ruling and implementing things over students just because they can.
Don’t get me wrong — I am not trying to say all the teachers are wrong, I am just saying most of them are.

Learning failures — This is not a topic included in education and I am afraid that this will not be learnt until the system starts to be realistic with the students.
They’ve never failed. When they were so bad with the academics, the system helped them to get to the next grade — bypassing failure.
And we expect them to handle bug failure and we want them to be the next Elon Musk. Trust me, if we are doing this, they won't even sell bananas on the highway. Cuz, they won’t know how to do it.
Are we preparing the students for the future or the past?

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Keralam kathikkum 🔥 — Remember this? If you don’t know try searching on YouTube.
If teachers, parents are the so-called big ones who are not capable of inspiring the children, then social media will — negatively.
Children are following bullshit, and we can’t stop these contents, but we can give the wisdom of thinking to the children to think and reflect on social issues.
Lead them to read and let them think, socialise, discuss and have opinions about social stuff. Politics, news, serious matters can be consumed by our children as well. Kochu TV isn’t the only stuff that they can consume. The future should have a clear picture and have their own opinions on the social situations they came through!


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Stop bullying students! Teachers are not rulers, they are teachers. Don’t try to piss off students, they are already pissed off.
Please don’t control them, try to inspire them.
We are all equal here. Understand the fact that students, their time, their effort are valuable as ours are. They’re not slaves.
Give them options to choose, give them the plot for thinking and deciding.
Dance with them, share stories with them, ask for their opinions. And above all, be a student!



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