An eye for an eye; The bully hiding behind the feminist movement.

Here’s an idea. This is how we’re going to make men understand the female condition; let’s treat them exactly how we’ve been treated. Let’s talk to them with dis-regard for their feelings, ignore their life experience and bring their morale down by throwing every collective wrong doing ever made in their face.

WHAT? NO! That is absolutely, positively the most archaic, thoughtless, insensitive way to open up a dialogue. Who would want to respond to that? What person would want to engage in that kind of communication. That’s like taking a knife to the throat of your enemy and asking them to say they love you! It’s tasteless, it’s fear based, and it certainly will not promote positive change.

I find this post such an unproductive way to get men to understand the female condition. It’s like, let’s fight fire with fire. It’s not going to make people want to change, I think it’s gonna piss people off, make men feel more attacked, which right now, men are feeling more than ever. Men are retreating even more. Men need advocates, people to coach them through emotional wellness, help them learn how to communicate their needs, to articulate themselves. Our energy should be spent educating men on treating woman with respect at a young age. Not putting men down for what they’ve done! Not throwing concepts in their face that for a lot of men were created by social constructs and ultimately had nothing to do with who they really are.

I am not disregarding all of the horrible things that men have done. I am not denying that things HAVE to change. HOW to change is the subject. WHY we need to change is the most valuable piece of information we can get as woman finding their voice. Why are men more likely to commit suicide, generate an autoimmune disease, kill innocent people and become homeless? WHY are so many groups of men so angry? Let’s ask why! Instead of telling men how they should and shouldn’t feel. Let’s ask why! Instead of forcing men to follow the “feminine quo” by shaming them for having an opinion, marginalizing their feelings, telling them they’re wrong just because they’re men.

Why can’t the face of woman’s rights be one of compassion and acceptance. Of forward thinking that promotes DIALOGUE not resentment. That empowers and doesn’t shame. That’s the movement I want to be apart of. In finding my own voice as a woman I see so obviously the silence. How many times have you felt oppressed, unable to express yourself, unable to articulate your feelings and needs? We have an incredible opportunity as woman right now to share our new found voice with men. To invite them in dialogue! To grow together. Woman’s rights IS human rights. So let’s stop being bullies. Let’s stop silencing men with our insensitive jabs. We can do better! We can fight this battle with hate and negativity. Or we can choose to fight with grace. To pioneer a world that hasn’t existed for over 5000 years. Let’s be the better. We all deserve that chance. It is our birthright.