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Theme: Facing your gifts.

(Scorpio crescent moon flow august 27th)

You were born with a unique gift. Maybe a melody of unique gifts that perfectly compliment one another. This isn’t debatable it’s a fact. As children we love showing off these gifts, wearing them with pride, unafraid what others will think or say.

As adolescents and teenagers we start to hide our gifts. We’ve already gotten enough Feedback that the things that make us great, can make others feel uncomfortable. In order to survive we must fit in and not stand out.

What if your unique gift wasn’t just for you? What if it was for everybody. This isn’t a debate this is fact. Each of us have a role to play in the grand scheme play called life.

What brings you fulfillment? What feels effortless? What makes you so mad you could cry? What breaks your heart to see? These are all clues to your gifts.

Our gifts both cultivated and innately given to us leave an imprint on the collective. Just watch Whitney Houston sing the star spangled banner. You can’t touch your computer without thanking Bill Gates. You can’t even enjoy Ellen Degeneres without thanking Oprah for paving the way for Ellen to have a platform to begin with.

People who share their gifts change the world. They inspire others, create more positive space in the world and feel purposeful.

The most important thing about sharing your gifts is self preservation. We are the container for our gifts and if we treat our container like a garbage bin and not a temple, our gift becomes our burden. We begin to resent the talents we have because they become a mechanism for approval and validation. Service is an incredible contribution to humanity and all earths living inhabitants; but if you’re giving from a place of lacking it’s never going to feel enough. No matter how much you share and contribute you’ll still feel like you’re always running dry.

Take me. A gifted empath. A talented emotional communicator who can understand the waves and dialogue of emotions like any pro athlete to their sport. Does this make you uncomfortable that I’m affirming what I know to be true in myself? Are you challenging me, questioning your own gifts? This isn’t you. It’s your patterning; we are trained to disregard other people’s gifts AND to quantify their gift in comparison to ours. (“Well in this example I was more empathic than AJ, but in this example she was more emphatic than me.”)

At a certain point in my childhood I had to hide my gift because I was considered weird. I wanted to fit in so instead of using my gifts properly I started abusing them by taking other people’s pain. I got in trouble or was banished when I would try and express my needs and therefore felt I was unworthy of having emotions of my own. Life kept validating this truth over and over again until I finally burnt out. I couldn’t take a single ounce more of anyone’s energy, I was all filled up with nowhere to go.

And that’s the path I’ve been on for 5 years now. Removing the energy that doesn't belong to me, noticing when someone is unintentionally robbing me of my vitality. Keeping myself strong, clean and present at all times to prevent energy vampires from seeping back in. It’s been a LONG road and one that’s hardly over. I can now be the healer that I really always wanted to be without compromising my needs. Without making it about “well if I heal them, they’ll love me forever and never leave me.” Now I have choice, when to use my gift and when to receive the gifts of others.

Do you see? It’s not just about having the power, it’s about learning how to use it so it works for everybody. If superman didn’t cultivate and grow his gifts he could cause a lot of damage OR never even known he was capable of saving millions of people! Think of a world without superman.

So what can you let go of in order to make your gifts shine? Is it fear of failure, a secret perfectionist hiding in your closet? A disbelief that you even have anything to contribute at all? Are you nervous about what others will think because it might take you off the liner path you’ve carved so nicely for yourself? Are you unwilling to take responsibility for actions or inactions? What is it? Let’s get real for a second. Imagine you were in a completely packed car. It was filled to the brim. The driver cannot see the back window so you have to get rid of one item but instead of a thing it’s a belief you have about yourself. You HAD to get rid of it in order for your driver to see, what would it be?….

Guess what! You don’t have to know right now. It’s a process. Getting silent with the body and mind and letting our heart navigate the show. Let the sun moon and stars help you find peace in who you are. Because my friend YOU deserve it. You beautiful gifted person you.

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