Full Moon in Sagittarius — Do what you want… so you can learn from it

On June 9th the summer sky will be illuminated by the full moon in Sagittarius. While Sag might be the tamest of the fire signs; what it lacks in explosiveness, it makes up for in energy and a desire to learn, connect and grow collectively. Think of Sagittarius as the universal bon fire.

Think about life before technology. When for a few days every month you had an opportunity to catch up with friends, practice in an evening ritual that could only exist because of the extra light from the moon. The full moon was seen as sacred, an opportunity that only existed a limited amount of days a year. The energy of the full moon is strong, as the moon affects the tides, sea creatures and the inhabitants below the surface; the moon reveals our hidden emotions that lay dormant in the depths of our being.

Transitions are challenging. Us New Yorkers and other parts of the world have been experiencing a strange and confusing spring season. How can you fully adapt when the weather seems to be changing its mind every couple of hours. All the while most businesses start to slow down for summer season, our social life starts to pick up. Should we honor the heat by working out hard or is this the time to take up yin yoga? It’s confusing and our body hasn’t fully had time to adjust. As most full moons can be extremely emotional and affronting a full moon in sag has a lightness to it that us earth dwellers need during this strange transition.

This is a great time to enjoy the journey by adding unique off road-ing opportunities. Has there been something you’ve always wanted to try; SUP yoga, hot Pilates, a cooking class, a meetup starwars group? This is the time to explore. Get a buddy or go solo you’re bound to meet another who is also inspired by the amber light of the sag moon. Can you incorporate a new experience without putting pressure on yourself to “complete it to its fullest.” Sag is all about the gratitude of our amazing abundant life; to add another pressure to our already proactive life defeats the purpose of the lessons of sag.

Here are some life hacks to get the most out of this full moon:

  • For the next 30 days write down 5 things you’re grateful for. Or just do it when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or lethargic.
  • Pick a topic to study and spend a few minuets- hour a day researching that topic. You can make it as casual as that or you could structure it like school and give yourself assignments; lesson plans maybe even enroll a friend to par-take in your education. Some really useful tools for this is Khan academy. You could even spend some time learning all the countries of the world with Sporcle.com

A really interesting compliment to this full moon is the new moon in Cancer coming up June 23rd. I’ll be writing a post about it as well as hosting a New Moon Flow at SHAKTIBARRE but I thought it’s important to note that cause the energy really changes. Cancer new moon involves a lot more self care, inward reflective energy. While new moon and sag energy is about exploring and learning, new moon and cancer energy is all about nesting, focusing on your truest needs and finding ways to retreat without isolating yourself.

So with that in mind maybe this full moon is all about receiving knowledge from the outside world so you can take those skills and bring it into your more personal world. Looking at the bigger messages so they translate across the board of your life instead of just trying something new for the sake of trying something new. Does that make sense? Allow your desire for newness affect some of the areas that you potentially haven’t changed in a very long time; like your morning routine or the way your home smells, or how you deal confrontation. You can really make it as basic or complex as you’d like; as long as you’re willing to try… with compassion!

Here are some fun poses to play with during the full moon in sag

Sag rules the thighs as they are the part of you that propel you forward in life, they’re also the easiest place to generate fire

  • Anjaneyasana-- low lunge. Key notes: see if you can find your feet, press your back leg down so much that it fires up your glutes and allows your upper body to softly open into a gentle backbend. Start from the ground up creating a deep connection to the floor while flirting with reaching your arms towards the sky. The juxtaposition is an interesting place to be!
  • Utkatasana — chair pose. Key notes: again find your feet. Press the outer edges down, lift the inner arches while keeping your toes soft. Can you find your lower belly by pulling your feet (energetically) towards the sides of your mat. Option to practice breathe of fire. Play with arm variations, lift them up bring them behind. Let a flow naturally progress between the movements of your arms and your breath.
  • Virasana — hero’s pose Key notes: take your time. Maybe even play with doing one leg at a time. If you don’t have props then grab your pillows for support. As you begin to lie back listen carefully to the dialogue of your knees. If you feel unsafe then sit on your heels or try to sit in between your heels if leaning back is too intense.
  • Cat chasing it’s tail pose — Key notes: if you cannot grab your foot, take a strap, tie, towel and use it to hold onto your foot. Focus more on the quad stretch then the twist or ITband stretch.

The most important things about full moons are to have fun doing whatever it is YOU want to do. The moon shines its light on you so allow yourself to be swept away by its powers and guide you on the journey of your choosing.

With love,