New Moon in Virgo

Including a deeper analysis of the Astro forecast, best self-care practices and a bit of magic

Tools to handle the… unknown

This moon calls us to leap into the unknown; and a lot of us are not going to like it. How do you deal with change? Are you an ultra-planner or a ride-the-waves kind of creature? Whichever end of the spectrum you exist doesn’t really matter. You’re going head to head with something brand new, ultimately for the greater good despite first impressions.

The eclipse on August 21st had already set the stage; ‘lead confidently in the direction of your dreams.’ Determined sustained effort will bring you growth, prosperity and happiness. But in order to continue the march towards eternal bliss we must first face some of our deepest wounds (sorry not sorry). Is there an area of your life that you’ve felt restrictions or resistance? Relationships that always seem to end after the 3rd date? Can’t seem to move up the ladder at work? Same fight with your friend or parent? This is the area where you’re probably going to get the biggest download during this new moon (28day) cycle.

So we know change is upon us. It’s going to be uncontrollable, unplanned and it might highlight some deep shadows within ourselves. How do you prepare for this? Virgo-ian energy can be very anxious. Especially with all this change around, Virgos like order and they like to trust their intuition, which is their strong suit they govern the gut. The “in-control” quality within us will be challenged, so why not create some routine’s to help you stay grounded. It’s not the fix, it’s the way to cope when things get scary. This isn’t to add ANOTHER thing to your list, it’s like getting water, batteries and canned food before a storm. It’s there in case you need it.

It’s important now more than ever to understand your emotional landscape. Understanding that your emotions are transient and your reactions are usually caused by a deeper story than the scenario playing out in the physical realm. (Ex. When you get triggered by a comment from your boss and all the sudden hear your mom’s voice ringing in your ears.) The energy in the air is going to be one of nervousness, knit-picking, micro managing, bossiness and impatience. It’s important to remember your role in all of this. Who do you want to be? Do you want to be the one barking the orders and letting everyone have ammunition to judge you? Or do you want to be the person who let’s things roll off their back, picking and choosing their battles with conscious decision making. Issues are going to arise and sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to take care of them isn’t going to cut it. You are going to need to act but it’s how you do it that will cause the smallest amount of causalities.

The best way to handle this energy is to find a project rather than a person. Instead of reinventing the wheel or your wardrobe spend this cycle focused on an external goal that has earthy tones. I highlight the importance of not making this the month to “get in shape” or “commit to a new diet.” The sky is illuminating our deepest perfectionist and control freak tendencies and it’s important not to push that energy onto our already criticized, image-driven bodies. The best kinds of projects for this month would favor career related investments, doing an online course, re-organizing your home, or that database of music you’ve been meaning to play with since 2012. Setting up a budget or getting all your paperwork in order. Throwing out the stuff in your house that doesn’t feel right anymore or signing up for a dally meditation practice. Routine, focus and discipline are what’s going to make this nervous energy feel grounded (Virgo’s happy place).

Virgo in the body: Virgo governs most of the organs in our abdomen region, that’s why Virgo’s are known for having incredible gut instincts. Relying on your gut for information is a very ancient way of communication. Way before we had the ability to process words and formulate sentences we relied on our animal instincts to help us know when we were safe or in danger. Our body is designed to first hear the wisdom of the “gut” and respond logically second. With the unfocused Jupiter squaring Uranus during this new moon the forecast is predicting a struggle to tap into that inner knowing that Virgo’s are so comfortable sensing. As if a bird can’t figure out where the wind is coming from, we too will be forced to face the uncertainty, and rely not necessary on our strengths but pull from our weaknesses. This is an incredible opportunity to remember the healing powers of humor. As you come face to face with scenarios that will challenge your ego, remember to have a bit of humility. We are all just stardust moving around trying to make sense of this world. Lighten up, go for that drink, watch a silly rom com, make sure to find lightness even in the uncertainty.

Yoga, Essential Oils:

Yoga: this is an incredible time to practice more restorative and yin styles of yoga. My advice for my movers is to focus on the breath and let that be your flow when you find yourself wanting to physically move. Anybody can do a restorative yin class with the proper guidance and this is a tremendous benefit to your nervous system. Some fantastic kidney meridian poses would be:

· Frog pose

· Active resting pose

· Twists on your back

· Twisted child’s pose (taking one arm underneath the other arm)

· Lizard pose with your chest lifted

· Waterfall –legs up the wall

Essential oil: Clean the diffusers and get some grapefruit oil blasting in your house. Grapefruit is a wonderful scent for the kidney meridian lines, which will be greatly affected by the new moon. (Also remember to drink lots of water). Of course you can eat more grapefruit but the oils really help calm the nervous system and as Virgo rules digestion, it’ll be nice to give those organs a break and focus on other sensory experiences.

Important things to note- just because you aren’t a Virgo doesn’t mean you’re not going to be affected by the energies depicted in the sky. We have within us all the cosmos, we just display them differently. A painter uses the same colors to create completely different works of art; we all are a combination of the same colors reflected differently.

Aries: You’re pioneering gifts are always an asset but finishing a project isn’t always your strong suit. Stick with it, you’ll be rewarded for your persistence and determination to see a project through.

Taurus: Is there bullish quality to your personality? Something that only comes up with the most intimate of friends and family. Be ultra-mindful of your words, they might pack an unintentional punch.

Gemini: As Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo you are more prone to this nervous energy. Your energy might be best suited in the comfort of your own home. Focus on the projects you’ve neglected to do around your house.

Cancer: We know your house, computer and purse are set exactly how you like it. Instead of focusing on this strength I dare you to dabble in standing up for yourself in your career. Take a risk. I know there’s been something you’ve wanted but haven’t asked for it; now is the time.

Leo: Nervous energy might have you wanting to fix everyone’s problems. Trust that everybody has their own lessons to learn, including you. It’s easy to put the spot light on yourself so others can hide in the shadows. Empower people to stand up for themselves. Be the light that illuminates the dark not the light that blinds the dark.

Virgo: Meditate, drink water and have fun. When the uncertainty arises, call your fun friend, take a laughing yoga class, go to that instructor who makes you feel like a rock star. Get out of your head and into your body. Imagine sweeping away of clutter in your mind every time your fears overtake your reality.

Libra: Be mindful of your fine tastes for you might want to fill yourself up with pretty things thinking it’ll combat the anxiety you’re feeling. I ask you to sit with your discomfort. Sit in the uncomfortable. I intuitively feel there is deep wisdom for you on the other side of that internal conflict. Trust it. And surrender.

Scorpio: Watch your indulgences. Watch them with a compassionate, loving awareness. Notice what triggers your impulses which is much more informative than the preceding actions.

Sagittarius: Move. Bring people together. Get people around a camp fire, bring a guitar, volleyball and s’mores. Don’t get stuck in the logistics, plan something and people will follow.

Capricorn: The uncertainty and confusion is going to be a challenge for you. Let’s just accept that now. I think of all the signs the most powerful transformation is tapping into your “weaknesses” and dusting them off the shelf for use. Your logistical, organized mind isn’t going to help here so you must persevere and find a new way (by acknowledging some old qualities that you’ve forgotten you have).

Aquarius: Don’t be so quick to rebel and take over. When inspiration takes over, check if it’s coming from a nervous place or a grounded place. Practicing root chakra embodiment could be very helpful in finding earth when your mind is soaring high.

Pisces: While your go-with-the-flow nature will serve your ability to bounce back from setback, it certainly will not propel you forward. Take action and practice consistency. Keep showing up and don’t get lost in the fantasy of confusion. Stay focused and you will find a truly magical reality on the other side.

If you want to embody the stars and the energies from this New Moon then come to my AstroYoga event at New York Yoga Friday September 22nd 7:30–9:30. Learn practical skills to combat anxiety, stress and compulsive perfectionism through a gentle flow with essential oils hands on adjustments and the wisdoms of the stars.